50 Cool and Unusual Female Korean Dog Names

Korean dog names are unusual and cool, just like the Korean celebrities, and they come with a different culture and feeling. If you have a new Korean breed puppy, for instance Korean Jindo Dog, Jeju Dog, Nureongi and Pungsan dog, you could choose a Korean dog name for him or her. After researching the Korean names and culture, we pulled together this collection of 50 female Korean dog names for you, check out the below list and pick your favorite name.

Areum: Beautiful.

Bae: Inspiration.
Baekdu: The highest mountain in Korea.
Bokshiri: Fluffy.
Bora: Purple.
Cho: Beautiful.
Daegu: A city in South Korea.
Dubu: Tofu.
Eun: Charitable.
Gi: Rising.
Gyeong: Respected.
Haengbogi: Happy.
Haenguni: Lucky.
Haneul: Heaven.
Haru: One day.
Hayangi: Whitey.
Hea: Grace.
Heendungi: Whitish.
Hei: Grace.
Hwindungi: White.
Hye: Intelligent woman.
Hyeon: Virtuous.
Hyun: Virtuous.
Iseul: Dew.
Ji: Wisdom.
Jin: Precious.
Ki: Rising.
Kwittegi: Ear taken off.
Kyung: Respected.

Makki: Slang for Youngest One.
Min: Clever.
Miso: Korean for Smile.
Mongshil: Fluffy.
Myung: Clear.
Nari: Lily flower.
Nureongi: Yellowish.
Ogboon: Jade.
Podo: Grape.
Sang: Mutual.
Sarangi: Lovely.
Seong: Finished.
Seonggye: Sea urchin.
Shin: Belief.
Soo: Excellence.
Sook: Pure.
Sunja: Meek and mild.
Taebaek: A smaller Korean mountain.
Thangchiri: The dog of movie character Young Gu played by the comedian Shim Hyung-rae.
Wonsoongi: Monkey.
Wook: Sunrise.

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