50 Cool and Unusual Male Korean Dog Names

There are several breeds of dogs originated in Korea, for instance Korean Jindo Dog, Jeju Dog, Nureongi and Pungsan dog. If you just adopted a Korean breed puppy, you may be considering choosing a Korean name for him or her. After researching the Korean names and culture, we pulled together this collection of 50 male Korean dog names for you, check out the below list and pick your favorite name.

Bokshil: Fluffy.

Chul: Firm.
Dae: Greatness.
Daegu: A city in South Korea.
Dong: East.
Eun: Charity.
Gi: Rising.
Gyeong: Respected.
Haengbogi: Happy.
Haenguni: Lucky.
Haneul: Heavenly.
Haru: One day.
Hayangi: Whitey.
Heendungi: Whitish.
Hoon: Teaching.
Hwan: Shining.
Hwindungi: White.
Hyeon: Person of virtue.
Hyuk: Radiant.
Hyun: Person of virtue.
Iseul: From dew.
Jae: Wealthy.
Jeong: Serene.
Ji: Wisdom.
Jin: Precious.
Joon: Handsome.
Jun: Handsome.

Ki: Rising.
Kkulbbangi: Delicious.
Kwan: Powerful.
Kwang: Wild.
Kyung: Respected.
Makki: Slang for Youngest One.
Miso: Korean for Smile.
Mongshil: Fluffy.
Myeong: Bright.
Seok: Like a rock.
Seong: Finished.
Seung: Victorious.
Suk: Like a rock.
Sun: Goodness.
Sung: Victorious.
Sunja: Meek and mild.
Wonsoongi: Monkey.
Wook: Sunrise.
Yeong: Brave.
Yong: Brave.
Yoon: Soft.
Young: Brave.
Yun: Soft.

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