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DelaneyFrom the alder groveFemaleEnglish
DempseyProud, haughtyMaleGaelic
DermotWithout enemiesMaleGaelic
DerryOak Grove. Surname.MaleEnglish
DesAbbreviation Of Names Beginning With Des.UnisexEnglish
DesmondMan from south MunsterMaleGaelic
DevinDescendant of DamhánFemaleGaelic
DevlinDescendant of DoibhilinMaleGaelic
DevynDescendant of DamhánFemaleGaelic
DewayneDark, blackMaleGaelic
DillonLike A Lion.MaleWelsh
DolanDescendant of DubhshlánMaleGaelic
DonWorld ruleMaleGaelic
DonaghBrown WarriorMaleCeltic
DonalVariant Of Donald Great Chief.MaleEnglish
DonaldWorld ruleMaleGaelic
DonelleFeminine Form Of Donal Rules The WorldFemaleEnglish
DonnellWorld ruleMaleGaelic
DonnellyDescedant of DonnghalMaleGaelic
DonnieWorld ruleMaleGaelic
DonnyWorld ruleMaleGaelic
DonovanDark chieftainMaleGaelic
DoreenGift of godFemaleGreek
DougBlack waterMaleGaelic
DougalBlack strangerMaleGaelic

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