142 Traditional Irish Names For Your Girl Dogs

Some of the dog breeds are originated in Ireland, for instance Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier, Irish Red and White Setter, Irish Wolfhounds. If you have such a dog of these breeds, you may consider choosing an Irish name for him or her.

Irish dog names are inspired from Irish names and Irish culture. We have pulled together a collection of 142 female Irish names for your girl dogs. These traditional Irish names are of Gaelic or Irish origin, and they are unusual dog names with great meanings.

Aednat: Little fire. The feminine of the name Aidan.

Aibhilin: longed-for child.
Aibhlinn: longed-for child.
Aibrean: Irish for April.
Aibreann: Irish for April.
Aideen: Fire.
Ailbe: White.
Aileen: Noble.
Ailene: Noble.
Ailis: God is my oath.
Ailish: God is my oath.
Aine: Splendor, radiance, brilliance.
Aislin: A dream.
Aislinn: A dream.
Alana: Darling child.
Alanna: Darling child.
Alannah: Darling child.
Aoibheann: Pleasant, beautiful sheen, of radiant beauty.
Aoife: Beautiful, radiant, joyful.
Ashling: A dream.
Beibhinn: White or fair lady.
Blanaid: Flower, blossom.
Blathnaid: Flower, blossom.
Branna: Beauty with hair as dark as a raven.
Brannagh: Beauty with hair as dark as a raven.
Briana: Noble, virtuous.
Brianna: Noble, virtuous.
Bridget: Power, vigour, virtue.
Brigid: Power, vigour, virtue.
Bronagh: Sorrowful.
Caera: Friend.
Caireann: Little friend or little beloved.
Cairenn: Little friend or little beloved.
Caitlin: A variant of Katherine, meaning "pure".
Caitriona: Clear, pure.
Caoilainn: Slender, fair.
Caoimhe: Beautiful, precious.
Cara: Friend.
Caragh: Friend.
Cassidy: Curly-haired.
Cathleen: A variant of Katherine, meaning "pure".
Catriona: Clear, pure.
Ciara: Dark hair and brown eyes.
Ciaran: Little friend or little beloved.
Claire: Bright, famous.
Clare: Bright, famous.
Cleona: Shapely.
Cliona: Shapely.
Clodagh: Irish river name.
Coleen: Irish for Girl.
Colleen: Irish for Girl.
Daimhin: Little deer.
Daireann: Fruitful.
Darcy: Dark-haired.
Dearbhail: Daughter of Fal.
Dearbhal: Daughter of Fal.
Dechtire: Mythical nursemaid.
Deirbhile: Daughter of Fal.
Deirdre: Raging, broken-hearted, or fear.
Eachna: Steed, horse.
Ealga: Noble, brave.
Eibhleann: Pleasant, beautiful, radiant.
Eibhlin: Pleasant, beautiful, radiant.
Eilis: God is my oath.
Eilish: God is my oath.
Eimear: Swift.
Einin: Little bird.
Eithne: Kernel of a nut or seed.
Eitna: Kernel of a nut or seed.
Emer: Swift.
Enda: Freedom of spirit.
Etain: Jealousy.
Fedelma: Beauty or constant.
Fianna: Fair or white.
Fidelma: Beauty or constant.
Fiona: Fair, white, beautiful.
Fionnoula: Fair shouldered.

Gael: Wild.
Gormla: Blue princess.
Gormlaith: Blue princess.
Gormley: Blue princess.
Grainne: Grain, corn.
Grania: Grain, corn.
Granuaile: One of the most remarkable women in Irish history.
Ida: Thirst for goodness or knowledge.
Ide: Thirst for goodness or knowledge.
Iona: Violet.
Iseult: Fair, light-skinned.
Isolt: Fair, light-skinned.
Kaitlin: Pure beauty.
Kaitlyn: Pure beauty.
Kaytlin: Pure beauty.
Keela: A beauty that only poetry can capture.
Kerry: Dark hair and brown eyes.
Kyla: A beauty that only poetry can capture.
Kyna: Love, affection, esteem.
Maebh: The cause of great joy.
Maire: Irish Gaelic form of the name Mary.
Mairead: Irish form of Margaret.
Maolisa: Follower of Jesus.
Meara: Sea.
Mona: Little noble one.
Muiread: Irish form of Margaret.
Muireann: Sea white, sea fair.
Muirenn: Sea white, sea fair.
Muirgheal: Bright as the sea.
Muirne: High-spirited, festive.
Neala: Female champion.
Neasa: Pure, holy; butterfly.
Neila: Female champion.
Nessa: Pure, holy; butterfly.
Niamh: Radiance, lustre, brightness.
Nola: Famous, noble.
Noleen: Fair, blond.
Nollaig: Born on Christmas.
Nora: Light.
Norah: Light.
Noreen: little honourable one.
Nuala: Fair shouldered, exceptionally lovely.
Oona: Lamb.
Oonagh: Queen of the Fairies.
Orlagh: Golden princess.
Orlaith: Golden princess.
Radha: A vision.
Regan: Regal.
Rionach: Queen.
Roisin: Little rose.
Ruari: Red-headed king.
Ryanne: Little king.
Saoirse: Freedom, liberty.
Shauna: Old, wise.
Sheelagh: Pure and musical.
Sheenagh: God is gracious.
Sibeal: God is my oath.
Sile: Pure and musical.
Sinead: God is gracious.
Siobhan: God is gracious.
Sorcha: Bright, radiant, light.
Teagan: Beautiful.
Ultana: Queen.
Una: Lamb.
Yseult: Fair, light-skinned.

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