133 Traditional Irish Names For Your Boy Dogs

Ireland is a country of dogs, and there are lots of breeds of dogs originated in Ireland, for instance Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier, Irish Red and White Setter, Irish Wolfhounds etc. Today many dog owners like names of Irish origin. If you are looking for a Irish dog name, please check out our collection of Irish dog names. These traditional Irish names are of Gaelic or Irish origin, and they are unusual dog names with great meanings.

Aedan: Fire.

Aengus: One choice.
Ailbe: White.
Ailill: A man without meaness, fear or jealosy.
Alroy: Red.
Aodhan: Born of fire.
Aonghus: One choice.
Ardan: High aspiration.
Art: Bear.
Bartley: Birch tree meadow.
Bradan: A salmon.
Breandan: Prince.
Brian: High, noble, strong.
Cabhan: Grassy hill.
Cahal: A great warrior.
Canice: Handsome.
Carney: The winner.
Carrick: Rock.
Carrig: Rock.
Cathal: A great warrior.
Cearnaigh: Victorious.
Cearney: Victorious.
Cearul: Fierce in battle.
Cian: Ancient.
Ciaran: Black.
Cillian: Bright-headed.
Clearie: Minstrel.
Cleary: Learned one.
Clooney: A green plain or pasture.
Coilin: Little chieftan.
Coinneach: Attractive person.
Colm: Dove.
Colman: Little dove.
Colmcille: Dove.
Colum: Dove.
Columb: Dove.
Columba: Dove.
Conall: Strong wolf.
Conan: Little warrior.
Conchobhar: Lover of hounds.
Conla: Highest chief.
Conlaoch: Highest chief.
Conleth: Highest chief.
Connall: Friendship.
Connla: Highest chief.
Cormac: Impure son.
Cormack: Son of the charioteer.
Cormick: Chariot driver.
Cronan: Dark-skinned.
Cronin: Dark-skinned.
Darcy: Descendant of the dark one.
Dahey: Quick-footed.
Dahy: Quick-footed.
Daire: Fruitful.
Daithi: Swiftness.
Dalaigh: Frequenter of gatherings.
Darcie: Descendant of the dark one.
Davin: Beloved.
Deaglan: Full of goodness.
Derry: Oak grove.
Desmond: From South Munster.
Diarmuid: Without enemy.
Dillon: Like a lion.
Donal: Brown-haired fighter.
Donncha: Brown-haired fighter.
Dubhlainn: Black sword.
Eamon: Wealthy protector.
Eamonn: Wealthy protector.
Eirnin: Iron.
Emmet: Universal.
Enda: Bird.
Ennis: Island.
Eoghan: Born of yew.

Faolan: Wolf.
Feidhelm: Ever good.
Ferdia: Man of God.
Fergal: Brave man.
Fergus: Vigorous man.
Finbar: White, fair head.
Finn: White, fair head.
Fintan: White fire.
Fionn: White, fair head.
Gearoid: Brave with a spear.
Glendan: One from the settlement or fortress in the glen.
Glendon: One from the settlement or fortress in the glen.
Hugh: Fire.
Iollan: One who worships a different god.
Jarlath: Tributary lord.
Kearney: The winner.
Kevan: Handsome beloved.
Kevin: Handsome beloved.
Kian: Ancient.
Lee: Pasture or meadow.
Liam: Determined protector.
Lochlan: Land of the lochs.
Lochlann: Land of the lochs.
Lorcan: Little fierce one.
Malachi: Messenger of God.
Murtagh: Sea.
Niall: Champion.
Nollaig: Irish for Christmas.
Odhran: Pale.
Oengus: One choice.
Oisin: Little deer.
Oran: Light, pale.
Orin: Light, pale.
Padraic: Noble, patrician.
Padraig: Noble, patrician.
Peadair: Irish form of Peter, means rock.
Peadar: Irish form of Peter, means rock.
Pearce: Rock.
Pearse: Rock.
Pierce: Rock.
Proinsias: Frenchman.
Quilan: Gently-shaped, athletic.
Quin: Intelligent.
Quinlan: Fit, shapely, strong.
Quinlivan: Gently-shaped, athletic.
Quinn: Intelligent.
Redmond: Protecting hands.
Reilly: Outgoing people.
Riley: Rye clearing.
Riordan: Bard, minstrel.
Ronan: Little seal.
Ruari: Red king, great king.
Seamus: He who supplants.
Sean: God is gracious.
Tadhg: Poet, philosopher.
Tierney: Lord.
Tomas: Twin.
Turlach: One who aids or assists.
Turlough: One who aids or assists.
Ultan: An Ulsterman.

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