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  1. Irish Surnames
  2. Classic Irish Names
  3. Place-themed Irish Names
  4. Tough and Heroic Irish Names
  5. More Irish Dog Names
There are several breed of dogs originated from Ireland, most of them are easy to feed and keep. They proved themselves to be hardy and practical, often taking on the tasks of guarding, herding, hunting, and companionship.

Irish language is very lyrical, and Irish dog names can be very beautiful. They are very appropriate in naming certain types of dogs, especially those that originated through Irish breeding such as Irish Setter or Kerry Blue Terrier.

Irish Surnames

Ireland is one of the first countries to adopt hereditary surnames; many of these surnames can be used as dog names because dogs are part of the family. Some of the common Irish surnames include: Brennan, Brown, Boyle, Burke, Byrne, Callaghan, Campbell, Carroll, Clarke, Clancy, Collins, Connell, Connolly, Connor, Daly, Doherty, Doyle, Duffy, Dunne, Farrell, Fitzgerald, Flynn, Gallagher, Healy, Hughes, Johnston, Kelly, Kennedy, Lynch, MacCarthy, Maguire, Mahony, Martin, Moore, Murphy, Murray, Nolan, Quinn, Reilly, Ryan, Shea, Smith, Sullivan, Sweeney, Thompson, Walsh, and White.

Classic Irish Names

We can get lots of Irish dog names today, but those traditional and classic Irish dog names have stood the test of time, they are perfect for intelligent and courageous dogs, regardless of its breed or its origin.
Our Classic Irish Dog Names Contain: 

Bailey: Bailiff
Brenna: Hill
Brogan: Shoe
Chance: Good fortune
Clover: Clover
Connor: Lover of hounds
Duff: Dark, black
Erin: From Ireland
Kirby: Church settlement
Kylie: Boomerang
Lucky: Fortunate
Mac: Son of
Murray: Man of the sea
Oscar: Divine spear
Paddy: Patrician
Patrick: Patrician
Seamus: Form of James Supplanter.

Place-themed Irish Names

Place Names such as City Names, County Names, Town Names, Village Names and River Names in Ireland are great sources for Irish dog names. Many of the place names have made their way into dog names, for instance Bandon, Cashel, Dublin, and Limerick. Dublin is by far the most popular Irish dog name inspirited from Ireland city names. More place-themed Irish dog names include: 

Avoca: River of County Wicklow.

Bandon: A town and river name in County Cork.
Boyne: River with historical connections.
Cashel: Town and village names
Clare: West Coast County.
Cork: County of outstanding beauty.
Corrib: Second largest Lough in Ireland.
Dingle: Most westerly point of Eire.
Dublin: Eire's capital city.
Inis: Gaelic form of the county seat of County Clare, Ennis.
Kerry: S. West county of Ireland.
Knock: Famous for its Shrine.
Lee: River that flows through Limerick.
Liffey: River that flows through Dublin.
Limerick: A city located in the Mid-West Region
Mayo: County on the west coast of Ireland.
Slaney: River that flows through Wicklow and Wexford.
Shannon: Ireland's longest river.
Tara: From the Irish place name

Tough and Heroic Irish Names

Dogs in the ancient Ireland were not a luxury because of the poverty of the country; this makes most of the Irish dog breeds being so tough. There are also many popular tough and heroic dog names for them through the history.

Anlon: Great Champion
Brady: Spirit
Brin: High and Strong
Carbry: Charioteer
Casey: Watchful, Vigilant in War
Collins: Young Warrior
Conan: Hound or Wolf
Connell: Strong as a Wolf
Dana: Bold
Felan: Wolf
Foley: Plunderer
Kane: Battler
Kelcy: Brave
Kennedy: Helmet Headed
Larkin: Rough and Fierce
Nolan: Little Proud One
Murphy: Sea Battler

More Irish Dog Names

If you are not satisfied with the Irish dog names above or you want more Irish dog names, then you can try one of these Irish names. Many of them are great dog names such as Blarney, Brady, Fagan, Jig, Peppy, Regan, and Sean.

Aidan: Little fiery one
Ailis: Noble sort
Aine: Joy, Radiance
Aoife: Beautiful
Beckett: Playwright and poet.
Blair: Dweller of the meadow
Blarney: Stone
Brady: One with broad eyes
Cara: Friendly
Ciara: Dark
Dana: Mythical Irish Goddess.
Donal: World mighty
Emer: Swift
Enya: A variation of Ena, which means kernel
Evan: Little swift one, God is gracious
Fagan: Little fiery one, Joyful
Fand: Mythological Queen of the Fairies.
Felan: Little wolf.
Fiona: Fair, white, beautiful
Galen: Calm
Hayes: Fire, Enclosure
Hogan: Young
Jig: Traditional Irish folk dance.
Joyce: Irish writer of global renown, means Experienced in battle
Kavan: Handsome.
Keelin: Slender, fair
Liam: Short for the Irish form of William, desire and helmet
Maccon: Son of a wolf
Mago: Great
Moore: Majastic
Moran: Great
Noreen: Diminutive of Nora
Peggy: Pet form of Margaret, a pearl
Regan: Little king, Regal
Sean: Irish form of John, meaning "God is gracious"
Swift: Brilliant satirist, Irishman and poet.

I believe you will find the perfect dog name for your puppy if you use your imagination and analysis. If you want a unique dog name, then considering one or two name combinations from the lists. You could also combine a dog name with your own surname to make a unusual and meaning dog name.

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