28 Irish Dog Names For Your Boy Or Girl Puppies

Ireland is known for good fortune, green countrysides, and tales of leprechauns. It is home to kind, yet fiery, passionate people. There are lots of dog breeds originating in Ireland, for instance Border Collie, Irish Setter, and Irish Terrier. When coming up to Irish dog names, you could choose one of these names that are inspired by Irish surnames, St. Patrick Day, and others from Ireland culture.

Blair: Scottish Gaelic name means "plain, field." The surname is derived from any of the numerous places in Scotland named Blair. Blair is generally a masculine name in Scotland, although it is more popular in North America, where it is also a feminine name.

Bran: Irish name means "raven." In Irish legend Bran was a mariner who was involved in several adventures. Bran the Blessed is a giant and king of Britain in Welsh mythology.
Buckley: Irish name means "boy." Spelling variations of Buckley include Bucklie, Buckly, Bulkley, Buhilly, Buachalla, Boughla and others.
Cara: Irish girl name means "friend." The name is also an island in the Inner Hebrides island group, Scotland. Kara, the alternative spelling from the Cornish word, means "love."
Cedric: A masculine given name invented by Walter Scott in the 1819 novel Ivanhoe, the name Cedric means "bounty-pattern."
Claddagh: Irish name means "the shore." Claddagh is one of the oldest former fishing villages in Ireland. The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring given which represents love, loyalty, and friendship. The design and customs associated with it originated in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh.
Clover: Small annual, biennial, or short-lived perennial herbaceous plants. Clover also has a long association with good luck, via the four-leaf clover, and through the shamrock symbol of Ireland.
Conor: Irish male given name means "lover of hounds." Conchobhar MacNessa was the king of Ulster and, according to legend, was born on the same day as Christ.
Curragh: The Curragh is a flat open plain of almost 5,000 acres of common land in County Kildare, Ireland, between Newbridge and Kildare. This area is well known for Irish horse breeding and training. The name Curragh means "hero, champion" in Gaelic.
Declan: Irish name means "man of prayer; full of goodness." St. Declan was the founder of a monastery at Ardmore in County Waterford and may have preached in Ireland before the arrival of St. Patrick. Many miracles are attributed to a rock on the beach at Ardmore known as St. Declan’s Stone. According to legend, on a trip back from Wales one of his disciples, Runanus, forgot Declan’s sacred bell. But a prayer from Declan and, miraculously, the stone carried the bell over the waves back to Waterford.
Emerald: Emerald is the birthstone of May, making it extra appropriate for a girl born in that month. Ireland is associated with shamrocks and the color green, Ireland has been called the Emerald Isle since the late 1700s.
Erin: From Eireann, the genitive case of Gaelic Eire, meaning "Ireland". Poets and nineteenth-century Irish nationalists used Erin in English as a romantic name for Ireland.
Finn: Irish name means "fair, white." In mythology, Finn Mac Cumhail was legendary Irish 3rd century hero similar to the English Robin Hood.
Flynn: Irish surname means "reddish, ruddy."
Goldie: Perfect for your golden-haired or fair-haired dogs.
Kerry: Its original form is Ciarraighe, the name of the pre-Gaelic tribe who lived in the area of what is now County Kerry. The girl name Kerry means "dark hair and brown eyes."
Kieran: The Irish form of the Gaelic Ciaran, which means "little dark one, dark-haired, black-haired."
Lassie: Irish girl name means "young girl, maiden."
Lucky: Ireland is a place known for good fortune and gold at the end of its rainbows.

Maeve: Feminine Irish given name that means "intoxicating, she who intoxicates." The name Maeve has strong links to mead, an ancient honey wine typically consumed during a marriage ceremony.
Maureen: The Irish cognate of Mary, which is in turn derived from the Hebrew Miriam. It may also be a feminine form of Maurice. Variants include: Maura, Maury, Maurene, Maurianne, Marien, Maurine, Maurisa, Maurise, Maurissa, Marissa, Maurita, Maurizia, Mavra, Moira, Mora, Moreen, Morena, Morene, Moria and Morine.
Moe: Moe Dunford is an Irish actor who is best known for his roles as Patrick Fitzgerald in Patrick's Day.
Murphy: The most common surname in Ireland, which means "sea-warrior."
Owen: Irish name means "born of the yew tree." In the Irish language, it is the name used for all Biblical figures known as John in English, including John the Baptist and John the Apostle.
Paddy: Diminutive of Patrick, which means "noble." Paddy is also sometimes used as a slang term for Irishman or for a temper tantrum.
Riley: Unisex name means "valiant, courageous." Its meaning in Hebrew is "one who supplants" or more literally "one who grabs at the heel." Variant spellings include Seamus, Séamas, Seumas, Seumus, Shaymus, Sheamus and Shamus.
Shamrock: A shamrock is a young sprig of clover, used as a symbol of Ireland. Saint Patrick, Ireland's patron saint, is said to have used it as a metaphor for the Christian Holy Trinity. The name shamrock comes from Irish word for little clover.
Tristan: The name Tristan comes from the Celtic origin. In Celtic The meaning of the name Tristan is: Tumult; outcry. In Arthurian legend Tristan was a Knight of the Round Table and tragic hero of the medieval tale Tristram and Isolde.

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