37 Traditional Irish Names For Your Boy Or Girl Pups

Ireland is a beautiful country with legendary history, and Irish names are fun and definitely unique. Whether you have a dog of Irish origin, Irish dog names are fabulous options. Here comes our selection of traditional Irish names for your pups, these strong yet charming names can also serve as monikers for canines. Check out the below list and select your favorite names from these unique and beautiful Irish names.

Traditional Male Irish Dog Names

Aidan - Little and fiery.
Beacan - Tiny one.
Cashel - Castle, stone fort.
Cian - Ancient.
Conan - Little wolf.
Connor - Lover of hounds.
Cormac - Charioteer.
Cullen - Holly tree.
Doyle - Black stranger.
Duff - Swarthy.
Eamon - Wealthy protector.
Finley - Fair-haired hero.
Finn - White, fair.
Flynn - Son of the red-haired one.
Grady - Noble, illustrious.
Kieran - Little dark one.
Kirby - Church settlement.
Liam - Resolute protection.
Murphy - Sea warrior.
Niall - Cloud.
Ronan - Little seal.
Seamus - Supplanter.

Traditional Female Irish Dog Names

Aoife - Beautiful, radiant.
Breana - Strong, virtuous, honorable.
Cadie - Pure.
Ciara - Black haired.
Eileen - Bright, shining one.
Erin - From the island to the west.
Glenda - Fair and good.
Kira - Throne.
Lia - Weary.
Muriel - Of the bright sea.
Orla - Golden princess.
Roisin - Little rose.
Shanna - Old and wise.
Sheena - God is gracious.
Sybil - Prophetess.

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