50 Perfect Irish Dog Names For Male Or Female Puppies

There are lots of great dog breeds developed in Great Britain and Ireland, for instance Irish Setter, Irish Terrier, and Irish Wolfhound. Irish dogs deserve Irish dog names, so we pulled together a fun list of 50 Irish boy dog names and girl dog names for you. These names are so fun and unique, but they are easy to call and pronounce, you will surely love them if you like short dog names.

Irish Boy Dog Names

Aidan: Little fiery one.

Alfie: Variation of Alfred, which means sage or wise.
Angus: Exceptional.
Brady: Spirited.
Bran: Strong.
Cedric: Chief.
Coby: Variant of Coburn.
Colin: Young child, peaceful dove.
Conor: Strong-willed.
Dermot: Free man.
Dinsmore: From the hill fort.
Gordon: From the marshes.
Griffin: Strong in faith.
Harry: Home ruler.
Ian: Gift from God.
Inis: From the river island.
Kent: White.
Norris: From the North.
Oliver: From the olive tree, symbolizing fruitfulness and dignity.
Pierce: Rock.
Riley: A small stream.
Rogan: Red-haired.
Romney: Winding river.
Seamus: Form of James.
Shane: God is gracious.

Irish Girl Dog Names

Alma: All good.

Bowden: Messenger.
Bree: Strong.
Briann: Strong, ascending.
Bridget: Strong.
Deirdre: Sad one.
Delia: Dark.
Diva: Divine one.
Ethne: Fire.
Fiona: White, fair.
Gilda: Golden.
Glenn: Narrow valley.
Iona: Dove.
Keely: Beautiful.
Keira: Black-haired.
Kerry: Dark princess.
Maeve: Goddess of song.
Meryl: Falcon.
Mirna: Tender.
Moira: Bitter.
Neala: Champion.
Nell: Variation of Ellen, shining light.
Quinn: Wise.
Rhiannon: Sacred queen.
Winnie: Blessed reconciliation.

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