36 Irish-Gaelic Dog Names That Mean Black Or Dark

Do you know what are Irish names meaning Black or Dark? Here comes a list of 36 Irish-Gaelic dog names that mean black or dark in Irish and Gaelic. We believe you will love them if you are looking for some unique Irish dog names for your little black puppies.

Blake: Black.

Brandubh: Black raven.
Canavan: Black head.
Carey: Dark.
Ciar: Black, dark.
Ciara: Little black one.
Ciaran: Little black one.
Ciardha: Black, dark.
Dougal: Dark foreigner.
Doyle: Dark stranger.
Duane: Dark haired.
Dubh: Black.
Dubhaltach: Dark-limbed.
Dubhan: Dark, black.
Dubhgall: Dark foreigner.
Dubhghlas: Blue black.
Dubhshith: Black one of peace.
Dubhthach: Black.
Dublin: Black pool.
Duff: Dark.
Duffy: Dark.
Dugan: Little dark lad.
Dughall: Black stranger.
Dughlas: Black water.
Duibhin: Little black one.
Duibhne: Black.
Dwayne: Dark haired.
Dwyer: Black.
Feardorcha: Dark man.
Gorman: Dark, swarthy.

Kerry: Dark.
Kiera: Black.
Kieran: Black.
Kirby: Dark son.
Muiris: Dark-skinned.
Teimhnin: Dark.

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