49 Unusual Dog Names After Irish Surnames

Irish surnames are originally Irish family names, later used as first names. You could name your puppy after one of these Irish surnames if you like Irish dog names. They are of course unique and unusual, and each name tells a story of the tribe or family.

Brady: Spirited.

Byrne: Raven.
Casey: Watchful, vigilant in war.
Collins: Young warrior.
Connolly: Fierce as a hound.
Donnelly: Brown valor.
Donovan: Brown, black.
Duffy: Dark, black.
Dunne: Brown.
Flanagan: Red, ruddy.
Flynn: Bright red.
Foley: Plunderer.
Graham: Grey home.
Hayes: Fire.
Hogan: Young.
Hughes: Fire.
Kane: Battler.
Kelly: Bright headed.
Kennedy: Helmet headed.
Lynch: Seafarer.
Lyons: Grey.
MacKenna: Fire sprung.
MaGee: Fire.
Maquire: Dun colored.
McCarthy: Loving.
McDonnell: World mighty.
McGrath: Son of grace.
Moore: Majastic.
Moran: Great.
Murphy: Sea battler.
Murray: Lord, master.
Nolan: Famous.

O'Brian: Noble.
O'Callaghan: Bright headed.
O'Carroll: Valarous in battle.
O'Connell: Strong as a wolf.
O'Connor: Hero, champion.
O'Donnell: World mighty.
O'Dwyer: Black.
O'Keefe: Gentle.
O'Shea: Fine, stately.
O'Sullivan: Dark eyed.
Quinn: Wisdom.
Regan: Little king.
Reid: Red haired.
Ryan: King.
Sheehan: Peaceful.
Sweeney: Pleasant.
Whelan: Wolf.

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