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GirishKing of the mountainMaleSanskrit
KaitlinModern Phonetic Form Of The Irish Name Caitlin From Catherine Meaning Pure.FemaleGaelic
KatlynnMedieval English Form Of The Irish Caitlin. PureFemaleEnglish
KayceeModern Kacie And Variants Are Phonetic Forms Of The Initials K.C. Or Variants Of The Irish Name Casey Alert: Vigorous.UnisexEnglish
LynnaAbbreviation Of Lynnette Who Accompanied Sir Gareth On A Knightly Quest In Arthurian Legend: Variant Of The Irish Gaelic Word Lann Meaning House: Church.FemaleEnglish
NigelChampion From The Irish And Scottish Niall.MaleGaelic
TipperNickname And Variant Of The Irish Name Tabar Meaning A Well.UnisexEnglish

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