Norse Mythology Dog Names, Names After Norse Gods and Goddesses

Norse Mythology Dog NamesIf you are interested in Norse mythology, you may find it a fantasy world of myths and gods. Norse gods, goddesses, beings and heroes are the stuff that Nordic mythology is made of, and each has a story behind it. There are so many sounding names that you could name your beloved puppy after one of these gods. Lots of these names make perfect dog names, for instance Aesir, Odin, Frigg, Thor, Balder, Freya and Vanir.

AlvisUncertain, possibly all wiseFemaleNorse
BaneLong-Awaited ChildMaleEnglish
BaraTo ChooseFemaleHebrew
BariOf AllahMaleEnglish
BeowulfBee wolfUnisexGermanic
BrunhildeBattle armourFemaleGermanic
DayLight, HopeUnisexEnglish
DoriShort form for any name containing dorFemaleEnglish
EddaUncertain, perhaps great-grandmotherFemaleNorse
FetchTo go after something and return with it.UnisexEnglish
GarthEnclosed gardenMaleNorse
GefjunOne Who Endows WealthFemaleScandinavian
GerdStrength of the spearFemaleGermanic
GeriSpear rulerFemaleGermanic
GertrudeStrength of the spearFemaleGermanic
GudrunWho knows the secrets of battleFemaleGermanic

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