Greek Mythology Dog Names: 120 Rustic Gods Names

If you like countryside-themed dog names, you could also get the inspirations from Greek mythology. This collection of 120 rustic gods and goddesses were of the countryside, the pastures and wild forests. They fell under the dominion of three gods: Hermes, Dionysos and Artemis.

Aegipan: One of the goatish Panes.

Aigipan: Another name for Aegipan.
Aix: The "goat" nymph wife of the god Pan.
Ampelos: Another name for Ampelus.
Ampelus: A young satyr loved by the god Dionysus.
Anytos: Another name for Anytus.
Anytus: The Curete guardian of the Arcadian goddess Despoene.
Ariadne: The wife of the god Dionysus.
Aristaeus: The rustic god of bee-keeping, cheese-making, herding, olive-growing and hunting.
Aristaios: Another name for Aristaeus.
Artemis: The great Olympian goddess of wild animals, birds and fresh-water fish, and of hunting, fishing and fowling.
Attis: The eunuch attendant and consort of the goddess Rhea-Cybele.
Aura: The Titan goddess of the cooling breeze.
Autonoe: The wife of the god Aristaeus and a nurse of the god Dionysus.
Bacchantes: Thyrsus-wielding women and nymphs in the train of the god Dionysus.
Bakkhantes: Another name for Bacchantes.
Bassarides: Another name for the Bacchantes, the frenzied female companions of the god Dionysos.
Britomartis: The Cretan goddess of the nets used in hunting, fishing and fowling.
Cabiri: Two daemones who presided over the Mysteries of the islands of Lemnos and Samothrace.
Cadmilus: A rustic god who was the father of the Cabiri.
Cedalion: One of the Cabiri. He guided the blind giant Orion to the rising place of the sun to have his sight restored.
Cercopes: A pair of thievish monkey-like demi-gods.
Chariclo: The wife of the wise old Centaur Chiron.
Chiron: A wise, immortal centaur who made his home on Mount Pelion in Thessaly.
Comus: The god of festivities.
Conisalus: A satyr-like Daemon of garden fertility.
Corymbus: A rustic demi-god associated with the fruit of the ivy.
Curetes: Mountain-dwelling Daemones native to the island of Crete.
Cybele: A Phrygian mountain goddess identified by the Greeks with Rhea.
Dactyls: Five mountain-dwellling Daemones who discovered the arts of smelting ore and working metal.
Daktyloi: Another name for Dactyls.
Dionysos: Another name for Dionysus.
Dionysus: The god of wine, drunken orgies and wild vegetation.
Dryades: Another name for Dryads.
Dryads: Nymphs of the trees and forests.
Echo: The nymph of echoes.
Ekho: Another name for Echo.
Epimelides: The nymphs of meadows and pastures. These white-haired maidens were guardians of sheep flocks and fruit-trees.
Gaea: The primeval goddess of the earth.
Gaia: Another name for Gaea.
Hamadryades: Another name for Hamadryads.
Hamadryads: Nymphs of the trees.
Hecaerge: The goddess nymph of archery.
Hecaterides: Nymphs of the high-stepping country dance.
Hecaterus: An old rustic god. He was the grandfather of Satyrs, Curetes, and mountain Nymphs.
Hekaerge: Another name for Hecaerge.
Hekaterides: Another name for Hecaterides.
Hekateros: Another name for Hecaterus.
Hephaestus: The god of metalworking.
Hephaistos: Another name for Hephaestus.
Hermes: The god of herds and flocks, of roads and boundary stones.
Kabeiroi: Another name for Cabiri.
Kadmilos: Another name for Cadmilus.
Kedalion: Another name for Cedalion.
Kerkopes: Another name for Cercopes.
Khariklo: Another name for Chariclo.
Kheiron: Another name for Chiron.
Komos: Another name for Comus.
Konisalos: Another name for Conisalus.
Korymbos: Another name for Corymbus.
Kouretes: Another name for Curetes.
Kybele: Another name for Cybele.
Loxo: An archery nymph.

Maenads: The "frenzied ones," also known as Bacchantes, were the orgiastic female companions of the god Dionysus.
Mainades: Another name for Maenads.
Meliae: Rustic nymphs of the mountain ash-tree, of bees and honey.
Meliai: Another name for Meliae.
Melisseus: The old rustic god or Curete of honey and bee-keeping.
Methe: The goddess nymph of drunkness.
Naiades: Another name for Naiads.
Naiads: Nymphs of fresh water : lakes, rivers, springs, marshes, fountains.
Nesi: The primeval gods of islands.
Nesoi: Another name for Nesi.
Nysiades: Another name for Nysiads.
Nysiads: The Nymph nurses of the god Dionysus.
Nysos: Another name for Nysus.
Nysus: The god of Mount Nysa, guardian of the infant Dionysus.
Oceanids: Fresh-water nymphs, the sisters of the River-Gods.
Okeanides: Another name for Oceanids.
Oreads: Nymphs of mountain-growing pine trees.
Oreiades: Another name for Oreads.
Orthannes: A satyr-like fertility Daemon.
Oupis: Another name for Upis.
Ourea: The primeval gods of the mountains.
Oxylos: Another name for Oxylus.
Oxylus: An old rustic god of mountain forests, father of the first of the Hamadryades.
Palici: Daemones of thermal springs and geysers on the island of Sicily.
Palikoi: Another name for Palici.
Pan: The Arcadian god of shepherds and flocks.
Panes: Spirits of the wild with goat-legs, horns and tails, and sometimes goatish faces.
Phales: The satyr god of the processional phallus.
Phaunos: Another name for Phaunus.
Phaunus: A rustic Italian god.
Pheres Lamian: A tribe of ox-horned, beastly Daemones who were guardians of the infant god Dionysos.
Potami: The gods of the rivers.
Potamoi: Another name for Potami.
Priapos: Another name for Priapus.
Priapus: The god of garden fertility. He was an ugly, lascivious deity, depicted with oversized genitals.
Pyrrhichus: The god of the rustic dance.
Pyrrhikhos: Another name for Pyrrhichus.
Rhea: The great mother of the gods, queen of the mountain wilds.
Satyroi: Another name for Satyrs.
Satyrs: Lascivious rustic spirits, Daemones of wilderness fertility.
Seilenoi: Another name for Sileni.
Seilenos: Another name for Silenus.
Sileni: Elderly drunken Satry companions of the god Dionysus.
Silenus: An elderly, drunken god.
Socus: An old rustic god native to the island of Euboea.
Sokos: Another name for Socus.
Telete: The goddess of initiation into the Bacchic orgies.
Thriae: Goddess nymphs of the rustic art of divination by pebbles.
Thriai: Another name for Thriae.
Thyone: The mother of the god Dionysus and a goddess of the Bacchic orgies.
Thysa: The goddess nymph of the Bacchic frenzy.
Tityri: Flute playing satyrs in the retinue of Dionysus.
Tityroi: Another name for Tityri.
Tychon: A rustic fertility god similar to the Satyrs.
Tykhon: Another name for Tychon.
Upis: A Hyperborean archer nymph in the retinue of the goddess Artemis.
Zagreus: The first born Dionysus, son of Zeus and Persephone.

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