Greek Mythology Dog Names: 63 Agricultural and Mystery Gods Names

Greek gods of agriculture was literally gods of the earth, most of these gods and goddesses were also gods of the mysteries. If you like names associated with agricultural, earth and mystery, please check out these 63 cool Greek mythology names for your dogs.

Baubo: An Eleusinian demi-goddess who presided over ribald humour practised as part of the cult rites.

Bootes: The agricultural demi-god inventor of the wagon and the plough.
Cabiri: A pair of metalworking gods associated with the Mysteries of Samothrace and Lemnos.
Cabirides: Nymphs of the Samothracian Mysteries, the female counterparts of the Cabiri.
Cadmilus: The father of the Cabiri gods of the Samothrakian Mysteries.
Calligeneia: The nurse of the Eleusinian Demeter or her daughter Persephone.
Carmanor: A Cretan harvest god whose name is derived from the word "to crop" or "shear."
Carme: A Cretan goddess-nymph who probably presided over the harvest festival, her name meaning "to crop" or "shear."
Carpi: The gods of the fruits and grain of the earth.
Chrysothemis: A Cretan goddess, daughter of Carmanor "the shearer," whose own name means "golden custom."
Core: "The maiden", a cult name of the goddess Persephone.
Cyamites: The demi-god of the bean, one of the heroes of the Eleusinian Mysteries.
Daeira: A goddess nymph of the Eleusinian mysteries, connected with Persephone and the Underworld.
Demeter: The great Olympian goddess of agriculture, its chief crops, maize and barley, and its products, flour and bread.
Despoene: A daughter of the goddess Demeter who was worshipped in the mystery cult of Acacesium in Arcadia.
Despoine: Another name for Despoene.
Dionysos: Another name for Dionysus.
Dionysus: The god of viticulture and wine, and chief god of a number of Mystery cults.
Dioscuri: A pair of Spartan demi-gods.
Dioskouroi: Another name for Dioscuri.
Dysaules: A demi-god of the Eleusinian Mysteries associated with the Field of Rharus where the first grain was sowed.
Eleusis: One of the Oceanid nymphs. She was the eponymous goddess of the city of Eleusis and a patron of its Mysteries.
Eubouleus: An Eleusinian demi-god connected with ploughing and the sowing of seed.
Eumolpus: An Eleusinian demi-god. He was the ancestor of the Eumolpides, the priests of the Eleusinian Mysteries. His name means "fine-song."
Eunostos: Another name for Eunostus.
Eunostus: The goddess protector of the flour mill and the grain silo. Her name means "she of the good yield."
Gaea: The primeval goddess of the earth. She was a passive goddess in the Mysteries.
Gaia: Another name for Gaea.
Hades: The King of the Underworld and god of the wealth of the earth, both its minerals and fertility.
Haides: Another name for Hades.
Hecate: The goddess of magic and leader of the ghosts.
Hermes Chthonius: The guide of the dead.
Hestia: The maiden goddess of the hearth who presided over the baking of bread, mankind's stable food.
Horae: The goddesses of the seasons who ordered the heavenly cycles.
Iacchus: The god of the ritual cry "iacche iacche" of the Eleusinian processions.
Iakkhos: Another name for Iacchus.
Iambe: Another name for Baubo.
Iasion: The consort of Demeter in teh Samothracian Mysteries.

Kabeirides: Another name for Cabirides.
Kabeiroi: Another name for Cabiri.
Kadmilos: Another name for Cadmilus.
Kalligeneia: Another name for Calligeneia.
Karmanor: Another name for Carmanor.
Karme: Another name for Carme.
Karpoi: Another name for Carpi.
Khrysothemis: Another name for Chrysothemis.
Khthonios: Another name for Hermes Chthonius.
Koura: Another name for Core.
Kyamites: Another name for Cyamites.
Lampades: Torch-bearing nymphs of the underworld.
Macaria: The goddess of the "blessed" death.
Makaria: Another name for Macaria.
Oceanides: Goddess nymphs who presided over the earthly sources of fresh-water.
Persephone: The queen of the underworld and goddess of the grain.
Ploutos: Another name for Plutus.
Plutus: The blind god of agricultural wealth and bountiful harvests.
Poseidon: The god of both the sea and the sources of fresh-water.
Triptolemos: Another name for Triptolemus.
Triptolemus: The greatest of the Eleusinian demi-gods or heroes.
Trochilus: A demi-god of the Eleusinian Mysteries. His name means "he who turns."
Trokhilos: Another name for Trochilus.
Zagreus: The mystic Dionysus.
Zeus: The king of the gods and god of rain.

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