Dog Names After Greek Gods and Goddesses of Olympians

If you are looking for a Greek Gods or Goddesses name for your puppies, here will be the full list. The Twelve great gods of the Greeks were known as the Olympians, for instance Zeus, Apollo, Artemis, Athena and Hera. A number of other gods were described as Olympian, most of these were functionaries or minions of the Twelve, including Paeon, Zelus, Aegle, and Enyo etc.

Male Dog Names After Olympian Gods

Alexiares: A son of the god Heracles, one of the gate-keepers of Olympus. His name means "the unconquerable."

Anicitus: A son of the god Heraces, one of the gate-keepers of Olympus. His name means "he-who-wards off war."
Aniketos: Another name for Anicitus.
Apollo: One of the twelve great Olympian gods, the god of music, prophecy and healing.
Apollon: Another name for Apollo.
Ares: The great Olympian god of war and conflict.
Asclepius: The god of medicine and healing.
Cratus: The god of strength and power, one of four winged Daemones who stood attendant by the throne of Zeus.
Deimus: The god of fear, a son of Ares who accompanied his father on the battlefield.
Deimos: Another name for Deimus.
Dionysus: One of the twelve great Olympian gods, the god of wine, viticulture, and wild vegetation.
Dionysos: Another name for Dionysus.
Dioscuri: The gods of horsemen and gymnasia, patron gods of the Games, and protectors of sailors.
Dioskouroi: Another name for Dioscuri.
Eros: The god of love and sexual desire.
Erotes: The winged gods of love.
Ganymedes: The cupbearer of Zeus who served nectar at the feasts of the gods.
Hephaestus: One of the twelve ruling gods of Olympus. The craftsman's god presiding over metalworking, building, sculpture, and artistry.
Hephaistos: Another name for Hephaestus.
Heracles: The greatest of the Greek heroes. The gatekeeper of heaven, and the god of strength and heroic endeavour and the averter of evil.
Hermes: One of the twelve great Olympian gods. The god of herds and flocks, the country arts, travel, trade, merchants, and thievery.
Himerus: The god of sexual desire.
Himeros: Another name for Himerus.
Hymenaeus: The god of the weddings and the marriage hymn.
Hymenaios: Another name for Hymenaeus.
Paeon: The physician of the Olympian gods.
Paion: Another name for Paeon.
Phobus: The god of panic.
Phobos: Another name for Phobus.
Poseidon: The King of the sea and one of the twelve ruling gods of Olympus.
Pothus: The god of sexual yearning.
Pothos: Another name for Pothus.
Zelus: The god of rivalry and competition, one of four winged Daemones who guarded the throne of Zeus.
Zelos: Another name for Zelus.
Zeus: The great King of the Gods, ruler of Olympos and the Heavens, and leader of the Twelve. He was the god of the sky, weather, kings, fate, law and order.

Female Dog Names After Olympian Goddesses

Aglaea: The goddess of beauty and adornment.

Aglaia: Another name for Aglaea.
Aegle: The goddess of the radiant glow of good health.
Aigle: Another name for Aegle.
Akeso: The goddess of curing illness.
Aphrodite: One of the ruling twelve great Olympians, the goddess of love, beauty and procreation.
Ariadne: The wife of the god Dionysos. She was granted a seat beside her husband amongst the gods of heavens.
Artemis: One of the twelve ruling Olympians, the goddess of hunting, wild animals, childbirth and children.
Athena: One of the twelve great Olympians, the goddess of war, fortifications and the defence of towns.
Bia: The goddess of force, one of four winged daemones who stood attendant on the throne of Zeus.
Calliope: The leader of the nine Muses, and goddess of epic poetry.
Kalliope: Another name for Calliope.
Charites: The goddesses of joy, pleasure, mirth, beauty, dancing, feasts and banquets.
Kharites: Another name for Charites.
Clymene: The Titan goddess of fame and renown.
Klymene: Another name for Clymene.
Clio: The Muse of historical writings.
Kleio: Another name for Clio.
Demeter: One of the twelve great Olympian gods, the goddess of agriculture.
Dike: The goddess of justice, who reported the misdemeanors of man to her father Zeus. Also one of the three Horae, goddesses of the seasons and heavenly order.
Dione: A prophetic goddess, the Titaness mother of the goddess Aphrodite.
Eileithyia: The goddess of childbirth and the pains of labour.
Eirene: The goddess of peace. Also one of the three Horae, goddesses of the heavenly order and the seasons.
Enyo: The goddess of war, a companion of Ares.
Epione: The goddess of the soothing of pain.
Erato: The Muse of love poetry and mimicry.
Eris: The goddess of strife, a sister and companion of the god Ares.
Eunomia: The goddess of good order.
Euphrosyne: The goddess of merriment and good cheer.
Eurynome: The goddess of flowery pastures.
Euterpe: One of the nine Muses. She presided over lyric poetry.
Harmonia: The goddess of harmony. Also a goddess of war and of marriage.
Hebe: The goddess of youth.
Hera: The Queen of the gods, and wife of Zeus. The goddess of women, sky and stars.
Hestia: The goddess of the hearth. The leader of the gods of house and home.
Horae: The goddesses of the seasons and the ordering of heaven.
Hygeia: The goddess of good health, one of the many daughters of Asclepius.
Iaso: The goddess of cures and remedies.
Iris: The goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.
Leto: The Titan goddess of motherhood and womanly demure.
Leucippides: The goddess wives of the Dioscuri twins.
Leukippides: Another name for leucippides.
Litae: The elderly goddesses of prayer.
Litai: Another name for Litae.
Melpomene: The goddess muse of tragedy plays.
Moirai: The three goddesses of fate who spun the thread of human destiny.
Moirae: Another name for Moirai.
Muses: Nine sister goddesses of music, song, dance and the other arts.
Mousai: Another name for Muses.
Nike: The goddess of victory.
Oceanides: Goddess and nymph daughters of the great earth-encircling river Oceanus.
Okeanides: Another name for Oceanides.
Panaceia: The goddess of curatives.
Panakeia: Another name for Panaceia.
Peitho: The goddess of persuasion and seductive speech.
Polyhymnia: The goddess muse of religious hymns.
Polymnia: Another name for Polyhymnia.
Psyche: The goddess of the soul and wife of the god Eros.
Psykhe: Another name for Psyche.
Terpsichore: The Muse of choral dance and song.
Terpsikhore: Another name for Terpsichore.
Thalia: The goddess of banquets and festivities.
Themis: The Titan goddess of divine law and order, custom and tradition.
Thyone: The mother of the god Dionysus.
Tyche: The goddess of good fortune.
Tykhe: Another name for Tyche.
Urania: The goddess Muse of astronomy and astronomical writings.
Ourania: Another name for Urania.

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