Greek Mythology Dog Names: 74 Titan Names For Your Big Dogs

There are countless god and goddess names in Greek mythology, and Titan gods names are suitable for your dogs of large-size. The most important of the Titan gods were the twelve Uranides and the four Iapetionides. If you are looking for a Titan dog name for your big dog, this collection of Titan names from Greek mythology will be the perfect options.

Anchiale: A younger Titan goddess represented the warmth of fire.

Ankhiale: Another name for Anchiale.
Anytus: One of the younger Titans or Curetes.
Anytos: Another name for Anytus.
Asteria: A younger Titan goddess whose name and genealogy suggest presided over the night, stars and nocturnal prophecy.
Astraeus: The younger Titan god of the stars, the winds, and the art of astrology.
Astraios: Another name for Astraeus.
Atlas: The younger Titan god of astronomy and the revolution of the heavnely constellations.
Aura: The younger Titanis-goddess of the breezes. A virgin huntress raped by the god Dionysos.
Clymene: The younger Titanis-goddess of fame and renown.
Klymene: Another name for Clymene.
Coeus: The Titan god of the intellect as his name would suggest.
Koios: Another name for Coeus.
Polus: Another name for Coeus.
Crius: The Titan god of the heavenly constellations and the measure of the year.
Kreios: Another name for Crius.
Cronus: The King of the Titanes, and the god of destructive time.
Kronos: Another name for Cronus.
Curetes: A group of shield clashing Daemones or Titan gods who came to the aid of Rhea to act as guardians of her son Zeus.
Kouretes: Another name for Curetes.
Dione: A prophetic Titan-goddess who presided over the Oracle at Dodona alongside Zeus.
Eos: The younger Titan-goddess of the dawn. The mother of the wandering stars.
Epimetheus: The Titan god of afterthought. He was appointed with the task of creating the beasts of the earth.
Eurybia: A Titan goddess of the power of the sea.
Eurynome: The younger Titan-goddess of earth's flowery meadows.
Gigantes: The War of the Giants and its combatants the Gigantes were frequently confounded by the ancients with the Titans and the Titan War.
Hecate: The younger Titan-goddess of the ghosts, witchcraft and necromancy.
Hekate: Another name for Hecate.
Helius: The Titan god of the sun who rode across the sky in a chariot drawn by four fiery, winged steeds.
Helios: Another name for Helius.
Hoplodamus: A Titan, Giant or Curete who with his brothers came to the aid of the Titaness Rhea after Cronus learnt of her deceptions surrounding the birth of Zeus.
Hoplodamos: Another name for Hoplodamos.
Hyperion: The Titan god of light, and of the cycles of time measured by the lights of heaven.
Iapetus: The Titan god of mortality and the allotment of the mortal life-span.
Iapetos: Another name for Iapetus.
Lelantos: The Titan god of the breezes of the air.
Leto: The younger Titan-goddess of motherhood, light, and womanly demure.
Megamedes: Another name for the Titan Crios, meaning "the great lord."
Melisseus: The Titan or Curete god of honey.
Menoetius: The Titan god of violent anger and rash action as his name would suggest.
Menoitios: Another name for Menoetius.
Metis: The younger Titan-goddess of good counsel.
Mnemosyne: The elder Titanis-goddess of memory, words and language.
Muses Elder: Three Titan goddesses of music and song.
Mousai: Another name for Muses Elder.
Mylinus: A Titan or Giant of the island of Crete who was destroyed by Zeus.
Mylinos: Another name for Mylinus.

Oceanus: The Titan god of the earth-encircling, fresh-water river Oceanus.
Okeanos: Another name for Oceanus.
Olymbrus: An alternate name for one of the elder Titan.
Olymbros: Another name for Olymbrus.
Olympus: A Cretan Titan or Giant who mentored Zeusin his youth.
Olympus: Another name for Olympus.
Ophion: The eldest of the Titan gods whose brother Cronus wrestled him for the throne of heaven and cast him down into the Ocean-stream.
Ostasus: An alternative name for one of the Titan sons of Uranus.
Pallas: The Titan god of warcraft and the military campaign season.
Perses: The Titan god of destruction, and perhaps of summer droughts whose name means "the destroyer."
Phoebe: The elder Titan-goddess of intellect and prophetic goddess of the great Oracle of Delphi.
Phoibe: Another name for Phoebe.
Phorcys: The old man of the sea was sometimes named as one of the six Titan sons of Uranus.
Phorkys: Another name for Phorcys.
Polus: The Titan god of the axis of heaven ("polos"). He was usually called Coeus.
Polos: Another name for Polus.
Prometheus: The Titan god of forethought and the creator and benefactor of man.
Rhea: The Queen of the Titans and goddess of female fertility and the mountain wilds.
Rheia: Another name for Rhea.
Styx: The younger Titan-goddess of oaths of allegiance and of the deadly, netherworld River Styx.
Syceus: A Titan or giant who fled from Zeus in the course of their war against the gods.
Sykeus: Another name for Syceus.
Tethys: The elder Titan-goddess of the sources of fresh-water.
Theia: The elder Titanis goddess of sight and the shining light of heaven.
Themis: The elder Titan-goddess of the natural order, divine law and tradition.
Titan: A Titan god who instructed mankind in the observation of the stars.

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