Greek Mythology Dog Names: 218 Abstract Personifications Names

There are lots of Greek gods and goddesses associated with abstract personifications, and they can be divided into several categories: Emotions and states of mind, The human conditions, Qualities, Morality, Voice, Actions, and State of society. Most of these divinities were pure personification with few mythology. It will be a great idea to name your puppies after these god names, for instance Nike is the god of victory, and Hypnus means sleepness.

Achos: Pain of body or mind.

Adephagia: Gluttony.
Adicia: Injustice, wrong-doing.
Adikia: Injustice, wrong-doing.
Aedos: Shame, self-respect.
Aergia: Laziness.
Aeschyne: Shame, modesty.
Aglaea: Beauty, splendour.
Aglaia: Beauty, splendour.
Agon: Contest, struggle.
Aidos: Shame, self-respect.
Aiskhyne: Shame, modesty.
Akhos: Pain of body or mind.
Alala: War-cry.
Alastor: Blood feud, vengeance.
Alce: Courage.
Aletheia: Truth.
Algea: Pain of body or mind.
Alke: Courage.
Amechania: Helplessness.
Amekhania: Helplessness.
Amphilogiae: Disputes, contention.
Amphilogiai: Disputes, contention.
Anaideia: Ruthlessness, unforgivingness.
Anance: Necessity.
Ananke: Necessity.
Androctasiae: Slaughter of men in battle.
Androktasiai: Slaughter of men in battle.
Angelia: Message, tidings.
Ania: Grief, sorrow, trouble.
Anteros: Reciprocated love.
Apate: Trick.
Aporia: Difficulty.
Arae: Curses, imprecations.
Arai: Curses, imprecations.
Arete: Virtue, excellence.
Ate: Delusion, infatuation.
Bia: Force, power.
Cacia: Vice, moral badness.
Caerus: Opportunity, advantage, profit.
Calleis: Beauty.
Calocagathia: Nobility.
Charis: Beauty, grace, favour.
Charites: Grace, favour, beauty.
Coalemus: Stupidity.
Corus: Satiety, insolence.
Cratus: Strength, might, power.
Ctesius: Home, domestic property.
Cydoimus: Confusion.
Deimos: Dread.
Deimus: Dread.
Democracia: Democracy.
Demokrakia: Democracy.
Dicaiosyne: Justice.
Dikaiosyne: Justice.
Dike: Justice.
Dolos: Trickery.
Dolus: Trickery.
Dysnomia: Lawlessness.
Dyssebia: Impiety.
Ececheiria: Truce.
Eirene: Peace.
Ekekheiria: Truce.
Eleos: Mercy, compassion.
Eleus: Mercy, compassion.
Elpis: Hope, expectation.
Epiales: Nightmare.
Epidotes: Ritual purification.
Epiphron: Prudence, carefulness.
Eris: Strife, discord.
Eros: Love, sexual passion.
Eucleia: Good repute, glory.
Eudaemonia: Happiness.
Eudaimonia: Happiness.
Eukleia: Good repute, glory.
Eunomia: Good order.
Eupheme: Praise.
Euphrosyne: Cheerfulness, joy.
Eupraxia: Good conduct.
Eusebia: Filial respect, loyalty.
Euthenia: Prosperity, abundance.
Euthymia: Good cheer, joy.
Eutychia: Good fortune, luck, success.
Eutykhia: Good fortune, luck, success.
Gelos: Laughter.
Gelus: Laughter.
Geras: Old age.
Harmonia: Harmony.
Hebe: Youth.
Hedone: Pleasure, enjoyment, delight.
Hedylogos: Sweet talk.
Hedylogus: Sweet talk.
Hesychia: Quiet, silence.
Hesykhia: Quiet, silence.
Himeros: Sexual desire.
Himerus: Sexual desire.
Homados: Battle-noise.
Homadus: Battle-noise.
Homonoea: Concord, oneness of mind.
Homonoia: Concord, oneness of mind.
Horcus: Oath, punishment of perjury.
Horkos: Oath, punishment of perjury.
Hormes: Effort, starting action.
Hybris: Violence.
Hygeia: Good health.
Hypnos: Sleepiness.
Hypnus: Sleepiness.
Hysminae: Fighting, combat.
Hysminai: Fighting, combat.
Ioke: Onslaught, pursuit.

Kairos: Opportunity, advantage, profit.
Kakia: Vice, moral badness.
Kalleis: Beauty.
Kalokagathia: Nobility.
Keres: Death, plague.
Kharis: Beauty, grace, favour.
Kharites: Grace, favour, beauty.
Koalemos: Stupidity.
Koros: Satiety, insolence.
Kratos: Strength, might, power.
Ktesios: Home, domestic property.
Kydoimos: Confusion.
Lethe: Forgetfulness, oblivion.
Limos: Hunger, famine.
Limus: Hunger, famine.
Litae: Prayer, entreaty.
Litai: Prayer, entreaty.
Lupe: Pain of body or mind, grief.
Lyssa: Rage, fury, frenzy.
Machae: Battle, combat.
Makhai: Battle, combat.
Maniae: Madness.
Maniai: Madness.
Methe: Drunkenness.
Mnemosyne: Memory.
Moirae: Fate, destiny.
Moirai: Fate, destiny.
Momos: Blame, stinging criticism.
Momus: Blame, stinging criticism.
Moros: Fate, destiny, doom, death.
Morus: Fate, destiny, doom, death.
Mousika: Music.
Musica: Music.
Neicea: Quarrel, feud, grievance.
Neikea: Quarrel, feud, grievance.
Nemesis: Righteous indignation, distribution of dues, jealousy.
Nike: Victory.
Nomos: Law, ordinances.
Nomus: Law, ordinances.
Nosi: Sickness, disease, plague.
Nosoi: Sickness, disease, plague.
Oizys: Woe, misery.
Olethros: Day of doom, destruction, death.
Olethrus: Day of doom, destruction, death.
Oneiri: Dream.
Oneiroi: Dream.
Ossa: Rumour.
Palioxis: Backrush, flight.
Paregoros: Comfort, consolation.
Peitharchia: Obedience to command.
Peitharkhia: Obedience to command.
Peitho: Persuasion, suasion.
Penia: Poverty, need, penury.
Penthos: Grief, sorrow.
Penthus: Grief, sorrow.
Pheme: Rumour, gossip, fame, reputation.
Philia: Affectionate regard, friendship.
Philophrosyne: Friendliness, kindliness, welcome.
Philotes: Friendship, love, affection, sex.
Phobos: Panic-Fear, flight, rout.
Phobus: Panic-Fear, flight, rout.
Phoni: Murder, killing, slaughter.
Phonoi: Murder, killing, slaughter.
Phrice: Horror.
Phrike: Horror.
Phthisis: Wasting away, perishing, decay.
Phthonos: Envy, jealousy.
Phthonus: Envy, jealousy.
Phyge: Flight, escape.
Pistis: Trust, honesty, faith.
Ploutos: Wealth.
Plutus: Wealth.
Poinae: Punishment, penalty.
Poinai: Punishment, penalty.
Polemos: War, battle.
Polemus: War, battle.
Pompe: Religious procession.
Ponos: Hard work, toil, labour.
Ponus: Hard work, toil, labour.
Poros: Expediency.
Porus: Expediency.
Pothos: Sexual longing, yearning.
Pothus: Sexual longing, yearning.
Praxidicae: Exacting justice.
Praxidikai: Exacting justice.
Praxidike: Exacting penalties.
Proioxis: Onrush, pursuit in battle.
Prophasis: Excuse, plea.
Pseudologi: Lies, lying words.
Pseudologoi: Lies, lying words.
Ptocheia: Beggary.
Ptokheia: Beggary.
Sophia: Wisdom.
Sophrosyne: Moderation, temperence, self-control.
Soter: Safety.
Soteria: Safety.
Techne: Art, craft, technical skill.
Tekhne: Art, craft, technical skill.
Telete: Consecration, initiation.
Thalia: Festivity, banquet.
Thanatos: Death.
Thanatus: Death.
Thrasos: Overboldness, rashness, insolence.
Thrasus: Overboldness, rashness, insolence.
Tyche: Fortune, chance, providence, fate.
Tykhe: Fortune, chance, providence, fate.
Zelos: Rivalry, zeal, emulation, ambition, envy.
Zelus: Rivalry, zeal, emulation, ambition, envy.

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