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Siberian mythology, which includes the beliefs and myths of a number of different peoples, has many variations on the story of creation. Shaman is the person thought to possess spiritual and healing powers. The gods Chagan-Shukuty and Otshirvani came down from heaven to find the world covered with water. The devil or chief evil spirit was named Erlik. He was sometimes said to have been a human who helped in the creation of the earth but then turned against Ulgen, the creator god. Of course there are more figures in Siberia myths, but many figure names are complicated and hard to pronounce. So we only picked those short and easy names, we believe they make cool unique Siberian Husky dog names for your boy or girl huskies.

Abasy: A group of spirits of the Yakut.

Aha: A river-god of the Yakut. Sometimes referred to as Aha, Bes, Bes, Septu or Sepd.
Ajysyt: The mother goddess of the Yakuts of Siberia, Ajysyt was seen to be present whenever one of her people gave birth, and she brought with her the soul of the child, so that a complete human being could be brought into existence.
Albasta: A Tartar spirit. This being is sometime envisaged as male, killing people by suffocation, sometimes as female with pendulous breasts and long nails.
Alka: A monster. It is said that it is this monster in the sky that swallows the sun and moon at eclipses. Sometimes called Alklha, Alka, Alka, Arakho or Arakho.
Amapat: A spirit that advises a shaman.
Amle: A hero who is said to be the founder of the Kamehadal people.
Anapel: Known as "Little Grandmother," this goddess of the Koryak people of Siberia is Matron of Reincarnation. She was worshipped at ceremonies following the birth of a new child.
Bajanai: A Yakut forest spirit. He often leads travellers astray and sometimes appears in the form of an animal.
Balagan: A Yakut spirit, guardian of the home.
Blue Tengu: An aspect of Tengu as the spirit of fruitfulness.
Buga: The creator-god of the Tungus. He made humans by mixing earth, fire and iron with water.
Chagan: One of the gods who formed the earth through diving to the bottom of the ocean and bringing up dirt.
Erlik: The devil or chief evil spirit.
Hinkon: A god of the hunt in the lore of the Tungus tribes.
Icci: Spirits under the control of the creator-gods.
Kami: The word for shaman in a turkic language of siberia.
Kara: Famous shaman who could bring the dead back to life.
Kelets: A demon of death in the lore of the Chukchee. He is said to have a pack of dogs with which he hunts and kills men.
Kuju: A sky-spirit providing food for man. Sometimes called Kuju.
Kurkil: A Mongol creator-god. He is envisaged as a raven.
kurmes: A shamanistic fetish in the form of an image.
Mayin: The supreme god of the Tungus. Also commonly identified as Mayin.
Miti: A mother-goddess of the Koryak tribe.
Morgon: Famous shaman, another name for kara.
Murt: A generic name for male nature-deities of the Votyaks.
Nama: The man who saved his wife, children, and the animals in a boat during the great flood. Nama later became a constellation of stars.

Namu: The man who survived the flood. He was given advance warning by Ulgan and built an ark in which he survived. Also referred to as Namu.
Nikolai: A Russian saint worshipped as a guardian god of seafarers.
Obi: A water-spirit. Sometimes called Obi, Obeah, Obeah, obe, obi or obeah.
Patshak: Ostiak spirits. These beings are the restless spirits of children who have been killed.
Pon: A creator-god of the Yukaghir people.
Sabaga: A Yakut goddess of fire.
Shaman: Person thought to possess spiritual and healing powers.
Tanara: A sky-god of the Yakuts.
Tangara: A Yakut sky-god.
Tanuta: A Koryak earth-guardian.
Tarn: An evil deity of the Ostyak, God of war and disease.
Tata: Progenitor of the Tartars and keeper of the Tree of Life. Sometimes called Nata.
Torem: A Vogul sky-god. He lives in a tent near the north pole to which he tethers his reindeer.
Tuila: A spirit of the underworld. This being rides a dog which causes earthquakes when it shakes its head.
Ulgen: The creator God in Siberian mythology.
Uor: A Yakut spirit of the dead which haunts its former home.
Urgel: The Yakut name for the Pleiades.
Uslo: A Yakut mountain-deity.
Utkha: A Buriat soul-animal or bird. If this being makes a woman pregnant, the child will be a shaman or founder of a clan.
Zada: A wind-spirit. Sometimes called Sata.
Zajan: A Buriat god of fate.

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