Husky Names: 30 Siberian Husky Names Inspired by Siberia

It is well-known that the Siberian Husky dogs are originated in north-eastern Siberia. They were bred by the Chukchi of Northeastern Asia to pull heavy loads long distances through difficult conditions. If you want some unique Siberian Husky dog names, you could check out this list of 30 unique Siberian Husky dog names inspired by Siberia. These names are inspired by the local cities, places, rivers, mountains, tribes and myths, so they will be absolutely unique and unusual.

Siberian City or Place Names:

Buryat: The republic of buryatia is a federal subject of russia.

Kara: The kara sea is part of the arctic ocean north of siberia.
Novaya: Novaya zemlya is an archipelago in the arctic ocean in the north of russia and the extreme northeast of europe.
Novosibersk: A russian city located in the southwestern part of siberia.
Omsk: A city in southwestern siberia.
Taishet: A town and the administrative center of tayshetsky district in irkutsk oblast.
Tobolsk: An ancient fortress in siberia.
Tomsk: One of the oldest towns in siberia.

Siberian Mountain Names:

Baikal: The baikal mountains rise steeply over the northwestern shore of lake baikal in southern siberia, russia.
Chamar: Chamar-daban is a mountain range near baikal mountains in siberia, russia at the lake baikal.
Chersky: Chersky mountain, the highest peak of the baikal mountains.
Gydan: Gydan mountains is a mountains in siberia.
Koryak: The koryak mountains are a mountain range in far-eastern siberia.
Ural: The ural mountains are a mountain range that runs approximately from north to south through western russia.

Siberian River Names:

Amur: The amur river is the world's tenth longest river, forming the border between the russian far east and northeastern china.

Kolyma: A river in northeastern siberia.
Lena: The easternmost of the three great siberian rivers that flow into the arctic ocean.
Ugra: A river in smolensk and kaluga oblasts in russia, left tributary of the oka river.
Yana: A river in sakha in russia, located between the lena to the west and the indigirka to the east.

Siberian Tribe Names:

Chuckchi: The tribe originated from the people living around the okhotsk sea.
Koryaks: A tribe in the far east, mostly found on the kamchatka peninsula.
Mansi: One of the tribes found in the ugra region, far north where siberian huskies are part of the family.
Nenet: The nenets, also known as samoyeds, are an indigenous people in northern arctic russia.
Saha: Siberia tribe name.
Ugyar: Siberia tribe name.
Yupik: One of the indigenous siberians that still keep eskimo-type dogs.

Siberian Mythology Names:

Chagan: One of the gods who formed the earth through diving to the bottom of the ocean and bringing up dirt.
Kami: The word for shaman in a turkic language of siberia.
Kara: Famous shaman who could bring the dead back to life.
Morgon: Famous shaman, another name for kara.
Nama: The man who saved his wife, children, and the animals in a boat during the great flood.

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