50 Egyptian Dog Names Inspired By Mythology Gods And Goddesses

The culture of Egypt has thousands of years of recorded history. Ancient Egypt was among the earliest civilizations in Africa. There were an incredible number of Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Egypt, one for almost every situation and place. If you are interested in the ancient Egypt culture, why not name your puppies after gods or goddesses from Egyptian mythology. Here comes our selection of 50 Egyptian dog names for your boy or girl pups.

Egyptian Gods Dog Names For Male Puppies

Amun - A man with Wind.

Anubis - God of dead, embalming, funerals, and mourning ceremonies.
Jackal - headed god, son of Set and Nephthys.
Apis - A live bull worshipped as a god at Memphis.
Apophis - God of snakes and war and Chaos.
Aten - The disk of the sun.
Babi - God of baboons.
Geb - God of the earth.
Hapi - God of the Nile.
Horus - God of war, sky, and falcons.
Khepri - God of scarab beetles.
Khnum - Ram-headed god.
Khonsu - God of the moon.
Kuk - Personification of darkness.
Maahes - Egyptian lion-headed god of war.
Mafdet - God of justice.
Osiris - God of the underworld and the afterlife.
Ptah - God of creation.
Qebui - God of the North wind.
Ra - God of the Sun, king of the gods until Osiris took over his throne.
Seker - Falcon god.
Set - God of chaos, deserts, storms, foreigners.
Shu - God of wind and air.
Sobek - God of crocodiles and alligators.
Sopdu - A god of war.
Thoth - Scribe god, god of wisdom.
Wadj-wer - An Egyptian god of fertility.

Egyptian Goddesses Dog Names For Female Puppies

Amunet - Wife of Amun, one of the creation goddesses.

Anhur - An Egyptian sky god and God of war.
Anput - Goddess of the seventeenth Nome of Upper Egypt.
Anuket - Goddess of the river Nile.
Bastet - Cat goddess, known to protect pregnant women and children.
Hathor - Goddess of love.
Heket - Goddess of frogs.
Isis - Goddess of magic, marriage, healing, and protection.
Kebechet - Goddess of purification, also known as the wandering goddess, or the lost child.
Ma'at - Goddess of justice,truth and of order.
Menhit - Minor lion goddess.
Nephthys - Funerary goddess.
Nekhbet - Vulture goddess.
Nut - Goddess of sky and stars.
Pakhet - A goddess of motherhood and of war.
Qetesh - A mother-goddess of fertility.
Raet-Tawy - Female sun goddess of Upper and Lower Egypt.
Sekhmet - Goddess of lions, fire and vengeance.
Selket - Goddess of scorpions.
Seshat - Goddess of writing and measurement.
Tawaret - Hippopotamus goddess, goddess of childbirth and fertility.
Tefnut - Lion goddess of water and fertility.
Wadjet - Goddess of protection.

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