German Shepherd Names, Page 5

GusFrom Gustave - Staff of the GothsMaleEnglish
HarleyHare clearingMaleEnglish
HeidiNoble oneFemaleGermanic
HeinzHome rulerMaleGermanic
HerculesGrandiose giftMaleGreek
HoboA migratory worker or homeless vagabondBothEnglish
Horand Von GrafrathThe first German ShepheredBothEnglish
HugoMind, heart or spiritMaleGermanic
HustlerSomeone who knows how to get money from othersBothEnglish
InaUnisexual Name Meaning "Illuminate; Light Up."FemaleEnglish
IngaIng's aidFemaleNorse
IngridIng's beautyFemaleNorse
JadaPrecious green stoneFemaleEnglish
JankaGod is graciousUnisexHebrew
JawsBones that form the mouth. A dangerous situation - "The Jaws of Death"UnisexEnglish
JaxJack's sonUnisexEnglish
Jerry LeeThe hero of the film K-9 with James BelushiBothEnglish
JettBlack gemstoneMaleEnglish
JezebelChaste, unmarriedFemaleHebrew
JupiterFather godUnisexLatin
KaiserEmperor: Variant Of Caesar.MaleLatin

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