30 German Dog Names For Boy Or Girl Puppies With Great Meanings

There are lots of dog breeds originating in Germany, for instance German Shepherd Dog. German Shepherd dogs are very popular and they are highly intelligent and fiercely loyal, this make them very good family pets and protectors. German is also a very good source for dog names. Here comes our selection of 30 awesome German dog names for your male or female puppies.

German Male Dog Names

Amadeus: Lover of God.

Axel: Father of peace.
Bach: Stream.
Blitz: Lightning.
Dirk: Dagger.
Felix: Lucky.
Fritz: Peaceful ruler.
Freda: Peaceful ruler.
Gunther: Bold warrior.
Hansel: God is gracious.
Hans: God is gracious.
Max: Short form of Maximilian.
Otto: Wealth, fortune.
Rolf: Famed wolf.
Siegfried: Victorious peace.

German Female Dog Names

Anka: Grace.

Britta: Strength or exalted one.
Brunhilde: Dark or noble.
Fraulein: Miss, unmarried women.
Frida: Peace.
Fritzi: Peaceful ruler.
Hexi: Witch.
Heidi: Noble.
Hilda: Battle.
Liesel: My God is a vow.
Lola: Maiden, virgin.
Marta: Lady.
Mischa: Who is like God?
Schnitzel: Cutlet.
Trudi: Strong spear.

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