70 German Dog Names For Female Puppies

There are many popular breeds of dogs originated in Germany, for instance German Shepherd Dog, Boxer, Dachshund, Great Dane, Miniature Pinscher, Pomeranian, Rottweiler, Weimaraner, Doberman Pinscher and Schnauzer. These dog breeds are diverse and colorful, and they are different in personality, heritage, and color, this makes it difficult to choose a common name for German female puppies.

Most of the German female dog names here are strong, powerful and classic, and they will reflect the intelligence, courage and industriousness of your German breed dogs. We hope you will find your favorite dog name from the below list.

Ada: German for Noble.

Adalia: God is my refuge.
Adelaide: Noble kind.
Adele: Noble.
Adeline: Noble.
Adolpha: Noble, majestic wolf.
Alice: Noble.
Anka: Graceful.
Annemarie: God has favored me.
Annika: Sweet-faced.
Ava: Birdlike.
Bernadette: Strong, brave bear.
Berta: Famous and bright.
Birgit: Protector.
Brigitte: One who is strong.
Britta: White
Callie: Beautiful, lovely.
Davina: Beloved.
Daysy: Day's eye.
Ebba: Brave, strong boar.
Edda: Grandmother.
Elin: Sun ray.
Elisha: God is salvation.
Elke: Noble.
Elle: Sun ray.
Elsa: Truth.
Erika: Powerful ruler.
Etta: Little one.

Fabia: Bean farmer.
Fabienne: Bean grower.
Fidela: Loyalty.
Fiore: Flower.
Flavia: Yellow hair.
Frieda: Peaceful.
Gabi: Hero of God.
Gilberta: Bright promise.
Greta: Pearl.
Gretchen: Pearl.
Grizelda: Ironlike.
Hannah: God has favored me.
Hannelore: God has favored me.
Heide: Noble.
Johanna: God is gracious.
Kena: Greatest champion.
Kenia: Greatest champion.
Kristel: German for Christine.
Leni: Little angel.
Liebe: Love.
Lotti: Little woman.
Magnilda: Strong in battle.
Mallory: War counselor.
Marthe: Lady.
Mischa: Who is like God.
Olga: Holy.
Rolanda: From the great land.
Schatzie: Little sweetheart.
Sofie: Sweet.
Susi: Lily.
Tilli: Battle maiden.
Trudi: Of the spear.
Ulrika: All ruling.
Ursula: Female bear.
Utta: Rich.
Vala: Chosen.
Wilda: Wild.
Wilhelmina: Resolute protector.
Wilma: Bold protector.
Winola: Gracious friend.
Zelda: Battle maid.
Zuker: Sugar.

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