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AlAn Abbreviation Of Names Beginning With Al-MaleEnglish
AndyMan, warriorMaleGreek
ArthurPossibly bear or stoneMaleGaelic
BashfulShy and self-consciousUnisexEnglish
BeautyOne that is beautiful, especially a womanUnisexEnglish
BernardBear braveMaleGermanic
BillyWill, desire and helmet, protectionMaleGermanic
BruceSurname Since Medieval Times: Now A Common Given Name. Folklore Tale Of 14Th Century Robert King Of Scotland: (The Bruce) Who Learned The Value Of Perseverance From Watching A Spider Spin A Web.MaleEnglish
BrutusHeavy, slow, foolishMaleLatin
BubblesThin spherical liquid filled with gas. Irrepressible activity.UnisexEnglish
BusterOne that breaks up somethingUnisexAmerican English
ButtercupA bright yellow flowered plant. Also a term of endearment.UnisexEnglish
BuzzTo move quickly and busily, to bustleMaleEnglish
CharlieFree manUnisexGermanic
ChichaA Kiswahili Word Meaning "Grated Coconut."UnisexEnglish
ChipFree manMaleGerman
ChristopherBearer of ChristMaleGreek
ClaytonClay settlmentMaleEnglish
CocoA Pet Name.UnisexFrench

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