Gender: Unisex


Origin: Hebrew

A white ghost character in the Mario series.

Variant Forms


Famous Dogs Named Boo

Boomer: Poncho’s best friend in the Paul Gilligan comic strip Pooch Cafe.

Boomer: A famous character in TV adventure drama series, Here’s Boomer. First aired in 1980.

Boo Boo: A female Chihuahua, is listed in the 2007 Guinness World Records as the smallest living dog in terms of height.

Boo: From "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo", a 1971 song by Lobo.

Boo: Mascot of The Citadel, named after Lt. Col. Thomas Nugent Courvoisie, known by most as "The Boo".

Betty Boop: Betty Boop was first created as an anthropomorhic French Poodle before evolving into human form in the animation Fleischer Studios.

Famous People Named Boo

John Wilkes Booth was an actor who assassinated the U.

George Boole is better known as the inventor of symbolic logic.

Daniel Boone was an American explorer best known for his exploration and settlement of what is now Kentucky.

Booker T. Washington was one of the foremost African-American leaders who served as an advisor to several U.

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