Pronunciation: [Chris-to-pher]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Bearer of Christ

Origin: Greek

He who holds Christ in his heart.

Variant Forms

ChrisBearer of ChristUnisexGreek
ChristieFollower of ChristFemaleLatin
ChristofferBearer of ChristMaleGreek
ChristyFollower of ChristFemaleLatin
CristobalSpanish Form Of Christopher Christ BearerMaleEnglish
CristopherBearer of ChristMaleGreek
KesterFrom The Roman CampMaleEnglish
KipPet form of KiplingUnisexEnglish
KitBearer of ChristUnisexGreek
KrisFollower of ChristUnisexLatin
KristoferBearer of ChristMaleGreek
KristofferBearer of ChristMaleGreek
KristopherBearer of ChristMaleGreek

Famous People Named Christopher

Christopher Morley was a famous American journalist, essayist and poet.

Christopher Maurice Brown is a Grammy Award winning R&B performer.

Christopher Lee is one of the most distinguished actors of Britain.

Christopher Hitchens was a British-American writer and journalist.

Christopher Columbus was an explorer, navigator and colonizer who initiated the Spanish colonization of the New World.

Christopher Alexander is a renowned architect popular for his trendsetting designs.

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