23 Disney Dog Names Inspired By Dog Characters In Lady And The Tramp

Lady and the Tramp is a 1955 American animated romance film produced by Walt Disney. The story, which was based the book Happy Dan, The Whistling Dog by Ward Greene, centers on a female American Cocker Spaniel named Lady who lives with a refined, upper-middle-class family, and a male stray mutt called Tramp, a freewheeling mutt with a heart of gold. There are also several other dog characters in the movie, and each of them has different personalities and characteristics. If you like Lady And The Tramp, or Disney animated films, you could choose your favorite Disney dog names from the below list for your boy or girl puppies.

Lady: A purebred Cocker Spaniel who lives with her owners. Lady is shown to be pampered but loving and kind.
Tramp: A cocky and charming mutt who lives on the streets, and he believes in living in the moment. He has a talent for picking locks and avoiding dog catchers.
Trusty: A Bloodhound, one of Lady’s close friends. He used to track down criminals with his grandfather, until he lost his sense of smell.
Jock: A Scottish terrier who speaks with a Scottish accent. Jock is a show dog who has many trophies.
Peg: The puffy, prancing Pekingese has seen plenty of time in the pound, but she knows a thing or two about the dogs in town.

Toughy: A mutt meets in the pound, the ringleader of the pound dogs. Toughy speaks with a stereotypical "tough guy" or "street smart" accent. He appears to be knowledgable about the social life of local dogs, specifically in terms of the Tramp. He is generally laid-back and playful, though he shows fear in the possibility of being put down.
Buster: The leader of the Junkyard Dogs, and his breed appears to be a Doberman and Rottweiler mix. He is very interested in Angel and calls her "his girl," even though she despises him and repeatedly emphasizes this. In reality, he is a selfish, angry, arrogant jerk.
Scamp: The son of Lady and Tramp, a Cocker Spaniel and Schnauzer mix. He starts off in the movie as stubborn and selfish. He is the youngest and wildest of the litter, and wants to become a Junkyard Dog until he begins to understand what family means. He is known as 'whirlwind' to Tramp.
Angel: Angel was a pet but then became a Junkyard Dog. Angel has a kind, yet snarky personality. She often appears to be arrogant, but it is presumably just to hide her insecurities along with her great desire to have a family sans Buster.
Danielle: Scamp's sister, who can be distinguished by her white collar. She seems to be the goofiest and tomboyish of the three. She bears more resemblance to her mother than her father.
Boris: A canine philosopher. He's a gentle borzoi with a Russian accent, and also one of the dogs Lady meets in the pound aside from Peg. He gives Lady some comfort in her bad situation.
Peg: A canine singer who is very apparently in love with Tramp. She has a bit of a tough side and sticks up for Lady in the pound. It is shown through her song "He's a Tramp" that Lady discovers that he has quite a romantic past.
Pedro: A chihuahua Lady meets in the pound. He tends to misunderstand the English the other dogs speak.
Annette: Scamp's sister can be distinguished through her blue collar, and she appears to be the most negative of the trio. Like her sisters, she's subject to Scamp's trouble.
Colette: Scamp's red-collared sister, who appears to be the snootier and glamorous one of the three. She and her sisters have a striking resemblance to their mother. Like her sisters, she's subject to Scamp's trouble.

Reggie: A monstrous dog who notoriously lives in an alley. He's very strong and vicious and is a danger to Scamp and even Tramp.
Mooch: A more or less dumb sheepdog who also lives in the Junkyard with the other dogs. He has a good heart, but Buster doesn't see much use for him other than to crash through fences so he can get through.
Francois: A Boston terrier Junkyard Dog with a French accent. He has a bit of a snobbish attitude, but isn't above congratulating Scamp on his heroic actions with unusual kisses on his cheeks.
Sparky: An old-timing Junkyard Dog who appears to have some spunk left in him. He doesn't do much else, other than tell Scamp tales about his father.
Scratchy: An older dog who is constantly scratching himself, is a member of the junkyard dog society.
Ruby: A Junkyard dog who seems to have a disturbing attraction to Scamp. It may be because she's one of Tramp's past girlfriends, or so she says.
Dachsie: One of the dogs Lady meets in the pound he seems to be a nervous rack that longs to escape the pound along with the other dogs.
Bull: A Bulldog that was rescued along with Peg by Tramp from the dog-catchers at the beginning of the movie.

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