Pronunciation: [An-gel]

Gender: Unisex

Meaning: Messenger

Origin: Greek

Spirit or messenger with feathered wings on their backs.

Variant Forms


Famous Dogs Named Angel

Angelo: A Border Collie owned by Leland Dirks, who is the inspiration for Angelo's Journey, Border Collie Haiku and Seven Dogs in Heaven.

Angelo: The canine companion of Rinoa Heartilly in the PlayStation game Final Fantasy VIII. She assists Rinoa in most of her Limit Breaks.

Famous People Named Angel

Maya Angelou was a famous writer, activist, singer, and actor, known best for her autobiography, ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’.

Arcangelo Corelli was a great Italian music composer and violinist who introduced the principle Concerto Grosso.

Angelus Silesius is a German mystic poet and physician, Angelus Silesius, is known for his contribution to the Counter Reformation through his religious literary works.

Angelina Jolie is one of the most celebrated film stars all around the world.

Angelina Grimke was an American political activist, women’s rights activist and supporter of the women’s suffrage movement.

Angela Davis is an American social and political activist, Scholar and writer.

Angela Carter was an eminent British novelist and journalist.

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