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DianeDivine. Mythological Ancient Roman Divinity Diana Was Noted For Beauty And Swiftness: Often Depicted As A Huntress. Greek Goddess Of The Moon. Also Diana Princess Of Wales.FemaleLatin
DinkyDog on National Lampoon's VacationUnisexEnglish
DollyGift of godFemaleGreek
DrewMan, warriorFemaleGreek
DuffDark, blackMaleGaelic
DustinThor's stoneUnisexNorse
EastonRiver settlementMaleEnglish
EatonRiver settlementMaleEnglish
EbonyEbony woodFemaleEnglish
EddyWealth protectorMaleEnglish
EdgarProtector of the goodMaleEnglish
EdithProsperous in warFemaleEnglish
EdwardWealth protectorMaleEnglish
EdwinRich friendMaleEnglish
EffieFair speechFemaleGreek
EileenForm of HelenFemaleGaelic
ElenaWicker, reed, shootFemaleGreek
EllieAbbreviation Of Eleanor And Ellen.FemaleEnglish
EltonElla's townMaleEnglish
EmeraldGreen gemstoneFemaleGreek
EmeryBravery and powerMaleGerman
EmmalineUncertain, perhaps workUnisexGerman

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