Sweet and Cute Girl Dog Names For Your Pretty Puppies

Girl puppies deserve sweet and pretty girl dog names. Here comes 105 female dog names that are beautiful, sweet and cute. These unique dog names are unique, they come from various origins in the world. They make perfect names for your little sweethearts.

Aadhya: Another name for the Indian goddess Durga.

Aahana: The first rays of the sun.
Aanya: Indian name means grace.
Abhirupa: A beautiful woman.
Afreen: Arabic name means "friendly and beautiful."
Alak: Someone with beautiful hair.
Amal: Pure.
Amelia: Someone who is beautiful and trustworthy.
Anandi: One who is full of joy.
Ananya: Unique.
Anaya: An answer to your prayers.
Anika: Grace and beauty.
Avani: The mother earth in the Indian mythology.
Ayanna: Innocent.
Ayushi: Hindu name means "a long life."
Azalea: A beautiful pink flower.
Baruni: A very rare and uncommon word that is used to address the Indian goddess Durga.
Bhanu: The word is used to refer to the sun. It is also another word for fame.
Bhuwana: Sanskrit name means "being."
Charvi: Indian name means "beautiful."
Daanya: Beautiful, gift of god.
Dahlia: A bunch of single beautiful flowers on a valley.
Daisy: The beautiful white flower which is a flowering spring plant.
Deepika: Sanskrit name means "the light from a lamp."
Dhaani: Green.
Dhwani: A beautiful name which means sound.
Enna: Light.
Eva: English name means "to breathe; life."
Faria: Someone who is kind, loving and beautiful.
Guleen: Someone with a beautiful smile.
Hansa: Swan.
Ila: Earth.
Ira: The goddess of learning, Saraswati.
Ishu: Angel, one who has is beautiful and lovely.
Jasmine: The beautiful and fresh smelling flowers known for their enchanting fragrance.
Kahea: Hawaiian name means "heaven's call."
Kaira: Princess.
Kankana: Indian name means "a bangle."
Karuna: Someone who is kind or merciful.
Kavini: Sanskrit name means "someone who writes beautiful poems."
Kayal: Tamil name means "eyes that are very beautiful, someone who loves others."
Kirat: Someone who recites beautifully.
Kusum: Indian name means "a budding flower."
Kyra: The sun.
Lilac: One of the most beautiful flowering bunches.
Lily: Beautiful and big flowering plant has some striking colors and strong petals, known for its regalia and elegant look.

Lochana: Sanskrit name means "eyes."
Maliha: Someone who has a very attractive personality.
Manasa: Sanskrit name means "thoughts."
Maria: Arabic name means "beloved."
Megha: Clouds.
Meghana: Clouds.
Mila: Greek name means pleasant or friendly.
Monica: Common Indian name means "a counselor and wise one."
Mukti: Hindi name means "freedom."
Myra: Greek name means "fragrance of a flower with the same name; someone who is extraordinary."
Najmah: The name of a beautiful star.
Namana: One who is humble.
Nandini: A holy cow.
Nandita: Sanskrit name means "being happy."
Neharika: The fresh morning dew.
Nesara: Sun.
Nethra: Sanskrit name means "the eyes."
Nidhi: Indian name means "wealth."
Nirupama: Sanskrit name means someone who is beyond comparison, who is unique.
Nirvana: Indian name means "a state of bliss and complete spiritual fulfillment."
Nisarga: Nature.
Nutan: Traditional Indian name means "new."
Nutana: Traditional Indian name means "new."
Opal: Sanskrit name means gem.
Oviya: A beautiful painting.
Paavan: Hindi name means "pure."
Paavni: Hindi name means "someone who purifies."
Pankhuri: Indian name means "flower petal."
Pearl: Beautiful and rare stone that is found in the deep oceans.
Poz: Short and beautiful name means peace.
Pratibha: Glory, talent.
Prisha: A gift from god.
Qirat: Someone who recites beautifully.
Rachana: Creation.
Rose: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
Ruchika: Who is highly desirable.
Saadhwi: Indian name means "a powerful woman."
Saanvi: Another name to refer to the goddess Lakshmi.
Sabita: The beautiful sunshine.
Saida: Unmatched.
Sapphire: A beautiful yellow precious stone.
Sara: Hebrew name means princess.
Savita: The beautiful sunshine.
Sejal: Flowing river water.
Shakti: Power.
Shasmeen: Arabic name means "someone who has a heart of gold and can be trusted."
Siri: Beautiful victory.
Snigdha: Sanskrit name means "something gentle, pure and nice."
Sreejata: Someone who is the best.
Sucheta: Person who has "an alert and beautiful mind."
Swara: Sanskrit name means "music."
Swarna: Gold, something that glows.
Tara: Religious reference to the goddess Tara from the Hindu mythology, also another name in Hindi for "star."
Ujwala: Someone who is bright and shining.
Uma: Common name used as a reference to goddess Parvati.
Unnathi: Sanskrit name means "success and growth."
Vani: Indian name means "speech."
Vishali: Someone who is very giving and loving.
Zinnia: Beautiful multi-colored small flowers.

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