50 Super Sweet Girl Dog Names With ss

Are you looking for some sweet names for your girl puppies? Here comes a collection of 50 super sweet names contain ss. This makes the name sounding sweet, the trend of the 1990s comes back again and many people like this style. Check out the below list and pick your favorite sweet name for your beloved female dogs.

Agnessa: Russian name meaning "meak."

Alessandra: Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander.
Alyssa: Good humor.
Anissa: Greek name meaning "pure, holy."
Bess: Short form of Elizabeth, used commonly during the time of Queen Elizabeth I, who was known as "Good Queen Bess."
Bliss: Means "joy, cheer, intense happiness."
Blossom: Flower-like.
Cassandra: The second most beautiful woman in the world, after Helen of Troy.
Cassidy: Irish Gaelic name meaning "clever." Also means "curly-headed" in Welsh.
Cerissa: French name meaning "cherry."
Contessa: Italian name meaning "royalty."
Cressida: Greek name meaning "gold."
Dessa: Greek name meaning "wandering."
Duchess: The wife or widow of a duke.
Essence: American name meaning "perfume."
Flossie: The mythological Roman goddess of flowers.
Gussie: A variation of Augusta, meaning "great, magnificent."
Hadassah: Hebrew name meaning "myrtle or bride."
Iridessa: A variant of iridescent, meaning "light or illuminated."
Issa: A variant of the African name Essa, meaning "salvation, protection."
Jessalyn: God graciously watches his beauty.
Jessamine: Jasmine.

Jessica: Hebrew name meaning "rich. God beholds."
Joss: French name meaning "little Goths."
Julissa: Latin name meaning "Jupiter's child, downy."
Kassia: Greek name meaning "pure; spicy cinnamon."
Lessa: Greek name meaning "lovely."
Lissette: Variant Of Elizabeth.
Lyssa: Honey.
Marissa: Of the sea.
Melissa: A nymph.
Missy: Bee.
Moss: Saved from the water.
Nerissa: Sea sprite.
Nessa: Russian name meaning "pure."
Odessa: Latin name meaning "wandering."
Ossie: Divine spear.
Raissa: French name meaning "thinker."
Rosslyn: Scottish name meaning "little red-head."
Shannessy: Irish name meaning "big farmer."
Sissy: Sister.
Tennessee: Native American name meaning "river of the great bend."
Tessa: Harvester.
Thalissa: One of Jupiter's moons.
Triss: Latin name meaning "bringer of joy."
Vanessa: A butterfly.
Vassie: Latin name meaning "pleasure."
Yassamin: Jasmine flower.
Yessica: Wealthy.
Zissy: Yiddish name meaning "sweet."

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