30 Cute Spanish Dog Names For Your Chihuahuas

The Chihuahua or Chiwawa is the smallest breed of dog named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, which is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world. When coming up to Chihuahua dog names, Spanish dog names are the best options for Chihuahuas. Here comes our selection of 30 cute and short Spanish dog names for male or female dogs, these names have the unique soundings and meanings, and they are suitable for your little Chihuahuas.

Adan - Spanish for Adam.
Amigo - Friend or partner.
Andres - Strong, manly, brave.
Bebe - A little baby.
Belia - Beautiful.
Beso - Kiss.
Bonita - Very pretty or cute.
Chica - Slang for a little girl, a female child or kid.
Chico - Slang for a little boy, a male child or kid.
Chili - A variant form of chilly, from the spice chile.
Cinco - The number 5.
Diego - Means supplanter in Spanish. Spanish for James.
Digas - Means to tell, to speak or to say.
Fabio - Bean grower, also the name of the hotty that graced the covers of romance novels.
Fiesta - A Mexican party.
Goyo - Someone extremely lazy.
Julio - Young or youthful.
Mano - God is with us.
Mario - It means fighter.
Nacho - A Mexican dish of tortilla chips covered by cheese and other toppings.
Neva - Snow.
Nina - A little girl.
Paco - Free.
Poco - Small, little.
Ramon - Guards wisely.
Rico - Rich and tasty or loaded.
Sandia - Watermelon.
Solana - Sunlight.
Taco - A Mexican food dish.
Toro - Bull.

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