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BuzzTo move quickly and busily, to bustleMaleEnglish
CadenLittle Fighter.UnisexEnglish
CaedmonWise warriorMaleGaelic
CaesarLong HairMaleLatin
CalandraBeautiful youthFemaleGreek
CallieMost beautifulFemaleGreek
CameronCrooked noseUnisexGaelic
CamillaAltar serverFemaleLatin
CamilleAltar serverFemaleLatin
CarliFree manFemaleGerman
CarlieFree manFemaleGerman
CarlottaFree manFemaleGerman
CarlyFree manFemaleGerman
CarolineFree manFemaleGerman
CarsonSon Of CarrMaleGaelic
CarterTransporter of materialsMaleEnglish
CaseyFrom CayceMaleAmerican English
CecileFrom The Latin Cecilia Meaning Blind. The Blind St. Cecilie - Patron Saint Of Music - Was A Talented Musician.FemaleEnglish

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