Meet Munchkin: The Cutest Dog of 2016 in Washington DC

The Cutest Dog Contest held by Washingtonian has ended, and the winner is a dog named Munchkin. Munchkin is a 14 years old Beagle Rescue, and he has lived with his owner for 7 years. He isn't just cute, he's a hero. He serves as the Ambassador for the Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland and does public appearances to help raise funds. He has his own Twitter and Facebook page. He only has two teeth that’s why his tongue permanently hangs out. He is currently facing his biggest challenge, lymphoma cancer. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and plans to beat cancer.

Congratulations to Munchkin and good luck to him and his owner!

The name Munchkin is of German origin, and it means a very small elflike person, or little figure.

The Munchkins are the natives of the fictional Munchkin Country in the Oz books by American author L. Frank Baum. They are described as only wearing shades of blue clothing, as blue is the Munchkins' favorite color, and the predominating color that officially represents the eastern quadrant in the Land of Oz.

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