Pronunciation: [Von]

Gender: Unisex

Meaning: Small

Origin: Welsh

Famous Dogs Named Von

Horand von Grafrath: The first registered German Shepherd Dog, and the foundation sire of the breed.

Bowser von Uberdog: Primary antagonist Bulldog in the comic strip The Ongoing Adventures of Rocket Llama.

Famous People Named Von

Warren Zevon was an American musician and rock singer-songwriter.

Otto von Bismarck served as the Chancellor of Germany and the Prime Minister of Prussia.

Ludwig von Mises was a famous philosopher, economist and sociologist.

Kurt Vonnegut was a famous American novelist and essayist.

Kat Von D is a tattoo artist, popular for her stint on TLC shows, Miami Ink and LA Ink.

Karl Von Clausewitz was a German Prussian soldier and military theorist who authored the work, ‘On War’.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a distinguished German writer and regarded as a genius of modern German literature.

Gustavus Theodore von Holst was an English composer, arranger and teacher.

Friedrich von Hayek is an economist to reckon with.

Friedrich von Amerling was one of the great and renowned Austro-Hungarian portrait painters of the 19th century.

Adolf von Henselt was a German composer and pianist, considered to be one of the greatest virtuosos of his time.

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