60 Unique Dog Names That Mean Hope

Never give up, even if all else is gone, hope still remains. Your new puppy is the hope, and we believe he or she will grow up to be the best canine. When coming up to dog names, nothing is better than giving your male or female puppy with hopeful dog names. Here comes our selection of 60 unique dog names that mean hope in various origins and cultures, and they make good dog names for your puppies.

Boy Dog Names Meaning Hope

Amanaki: Polynesian name means "hope."
Amil: Arabic name means "hope." Amil is also used for females in some regions. It is associated with Amil Whitehead, the female American rapper.
Barloc: American name means "a strong warrior filled with hope."
Chislon: Hebrew name means "hope."
Daijon: American name means "God's gift of hope."

Deene: French name means "hope." The name Deene has a robust and easy sound.
Dillon: Irish name means "ray of hope."
Espero: Basque name means "hope."
Espoir: French name means "hope."
Jahleel: Hebrew name means "hope in God."
Kibo: Japanese name means "hope."
Kibou: Japanese name means "hope."
Kit: Greek name means "hopeful."
Mahaz: Biblical name means "growing hope."
Makas: Biblical name means "growing hope."
Matthan: Israeli name means "hope."
Phelipe: Spanish name means "hope origin, espanol."
Raza: African name means "hope."
Speranza: Italian name means "hope."
Thembalwethu: African name means "our hope," one of the most enduring classic names in Africa.
Toivo: Finnish name means "hope."
Tumaini: Egyptian name means "hope."
Umed: Royal Indian name means "hope."
Umit: Turkish name means "hope."
Von: Old Norse name means "hope."

Girl Dog Names Meaning Hope

Amaani: Arabic name means "hope," this name is soft and gentle.
Amala: Muslim name means "hope, aspiration."
Amnati: Arabic name means "my hope."
Asha: Sanskrit name means "hope or desire."
Ashia: Arabic name means "life and hope."

Ashika: Indian name means "hope, desire."
Brayleigh: American name means "ray of hope."
Eiddwen: Welsh name means "hope and desire."
Espe: Latin name means "hope."
Esperanza: Spanish name means "hope, expectation."
Hachilah: Biblical name means "my hope is in her."
Hiwa: Kurdish name means "hope."
Laelynn: Canada name means "flower of hope."
Munia: Arabic name means "hope and wish."
Nadeen: Arabic name means "hope."
Nadezda: Russian name means "hope."
Nadezhda: Russian name means "hope."
Nadia: Russian name means "hope."
Nadine: French variation of Nadia, which means "hope."
Nadja: German name means "hope."
Nadya: French name means "hope."
Nadyenka: Russian name means "hope."
Nassandra: African name means "hope."
Natia: Polish form of Nadia, which means "hope."
Natsuki: Japanese name means "summer and hope."
Nozomi: Japanese name means "wish, desire, hope."
Omeedeh: Persian name means "hope."
Rajwa: Arabic name means "hope."
Saki: Japanese anme means "blossom and hope."
Tamanna: Melodic Indian name means "hope." The nickname Tanu will be sweet and endearing.
Taraji: Swahili name means "hope."
Tikvah: Hebrew name means "hope."
Umniya: Arabic name means "hope."
Wilona: Anglo-Saxon name means "hoped for."
Zita: Spanish name means "little hope."

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