24 Boy Dog Names That Mean Faithful Or Trustworthy

Here comes a short list of 24 biblical dog names for your male puppies, most of the names show a sign of God's faithfulness, trustworthiness, and a promise of good things in the future. Check out the below list and we hope this will help for your new male dog names.

Ami: Hebrew for "trustworthy, reliable".

Ammiel: Biblical for "God is my kinsman".
Amnon: Biblical for "faithful".
Anath: Hebrew for "answer".
Azarel: Biblical for "God has helped".
Elnathan: Means "God has given".
Ethan: Hebrew for "solid, enduring".
Fidel: Means "faithful".
Hanan: Hebrew for "gracious".
Ishmael: Hebrew for "God will hear".
Josiah: Hebrew for "Yahweh supports".
Malachi: Hebrew for "my messenger".
Mattaniah: Hebrew for "gift of Yahweh".
Nathan: Hebrew for "he gave".
Nathaniel: Hebrew for "God has given".
Raphael: Hebrew for "God has healed".
Reuben: Hebrew for "behold, a son".

Saul: Hebrew for "prayed for".
Timothy: Means "honoring God".
Tobias: Means "Yahweh is good".
Trygve: Od Norse for "trustworthy".
Usko: Finnish for "faith".
Zimri: Means "my praise".
Zuriel: Means "my rock is God".

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