100 Unusual Dog Names Inspired By God

Bible is always the great source for baby names, so does the name for your newborn puppy. Here comes a great list of unusual dog names for your male or female puppies, all of the names are inspired by God in various origins. Check out the below list and enjoy!

Female Dog Names Inspired by God

Abiel: My Father is God.

Adriel: My shepherd is God.
Ariel: Lion of God.
Asriel: Vow of God; blessed of God.
Asiel: Created by God.
Bethel: House of God.
Dolly: English for "gift of God."
Dorothea: Gift of God.
Elasah: God has wrought.
Elealeh: God ascended.
Elisabeth: God of the oath.
Eliada: Whom God acknowledges and cares about.
Eliana: YaHWeH is God.
Elisheba: God is her oath.
Emma: God is with us.
Fedora: Greek for "gift from God".
Godiva: English for "gift from God."
Grace: God's kindness.
Hannah: Gracious gift from God.
Imla: God will fulfill.
Iva: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Jahziel: God distributes.
Jane: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Janet: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Jasiel: Created by God.
Jeriel: May God teach.
Joan: French for "God's gift."
Joanna: French for "God's gift."
Joel: YaH is God.
Jonathan: Hebrew for "gift of God."
Lael: Belonging to God.
Magdiel: Praise of God.
Michelle: French for "gift from God."
Pheodora: Russian for "God's gift".
Shane: Irish for "gift from God."
Shauna: Irish for "gift from God."
Teodora: Greek for "God's gift". variant of theodora.
Vanna: Hebrew for "God's gift."
Yanis: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Zane: Hebrew for "gift from God."

Male Dog Names Inspired by God

Abdiel: Servant of God.

Abiel: My Father is God.
Adiel: Ornament of God.
Adriel: My shepherd is God.
Areli: God's lion.
Ariel: Lion of God.
Cedric: Welsh for "gift of splendor."
Corban: A gift offered to God.
Daniel: My judge is God.
Elasah: God has wrought.
Elealeh: God ascended.
Eleazar: the help of God.
Elhanan: God is a gracious giver.
Eli: My God.
Elias: My God is Yah.
Eliezer: God of help.
Elijah: My God is Yah.
Elisha: My God is salvation.
Elisheba: God of the oath.
Elkanah: God has purchased.
Elnaam: God is delight.
Elnathan: God has given.
Immanuel: with us is God.
Ezekiel: God strengthens.
Gabriel: Man of God.
Gamaliel: God is my reward.
Hans: German for "gift from God."
Hazael: He who sees God.
Ishmael: God hears.
Israel: Prince with God.
Ithiel: God is with me.
Ivan: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Jakin: God will strengthen or establish.
Jadon: Whom God will judge.
Jahaziel: He will see God.
Jezreel: Planted by God.
Joel: Yah is God.
Jude: God shall be praised.
Kadmiel: God is eternal.
Kemuel: Established by God.
Lazarus: God has helped.
Lemuel: Devoted unto God.
Malchiel: God is my king.
Mark: the god of war.
Matthew: Hebrew for "gift of God."
Michael: Who is like God?
Nahaliel: River of God.
Nathaniel: Given of God.
Othniel: Force of God.
Pagiel: God answers.
Raphael: God has healed.
Rei: friend of God.
Reuel: Friend of God.
Salathiel: I have asked of God.
Samuel: His name is of God.
Saul: Asked of God.
Sean: Irish for "gift from God."
Theophilus: Friend of God.
Timothy: Honoring God.
Zadok: Justified by God.

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