17 Unique Faithful Dog Names For Your Female Puppies

Here comes some faithful and spiritual dog names for your girl dogs, these names come from various origins and they are absolutely unique. You will love them if you like unique and unusual dog names, and do not forget that they are a little biblical.

Abigail: The father's joy.

Adna: Pleasure; delight.
Angela: Spanish for "angel".
Angelique: French for "like an angel".
Batya: Hebrew for "daughter of God"
Celeste: French for "heavenly".
Elisabeth: The oath or fullness of God.
Emma: Greek for Torch or Bright Light.
Gwyneth: Welsh for "blessed".
Isabelle: Devoted to God.
Mahlah: Pardon.
Miriam: Rebellion.
Naomi: Hebrew for Pleasant.
Priscilla: Ancient.
Rachel: Beautiful in form and countenance.
Samantha: Listener.
Shiloh: Hebrew for "his gift".

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