Amazing Dog Names That Mean Gift of God

Biblical baby names are very popular today, and you could also use them as your beloved dog names. Here comes a list of male and female dog names that mean Gift of God in various origins, we hope you will love them.

: Hebrew for "gift of God."

Anjanette: English for "gift of God's favor."
Avisha: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Bogdan: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Bogdana: Polish for "gift from God."
Cedric: Welsh for "gift of splendor."
Dodie: English for "gift of God."
Dolly: English for "gift of God."
Donatello: Italian for "gift."
Donato: Spanish for "given; gift from God."
Donzel: Spanish for "gift from God."
Doreen: English for "gift of God."
Doretta: Greek for "gift from God". variant of dora or theodora.
Dorotea: Greek for "gift of God". variant of dorothy.
Dorothea: Greek for "gift of God". variant of dorothy.
Dorothy: Greek for "gift of God."
Ewan: Irish for "God's gift."
Fedor: Russian for "God's gift". Variant of Fyodor.
Fedora: Greek for "gift from God". variant of theodora.
Feodora: Greek for "God's gift". variant of pheodora, and feminine form of theodore.
Fyodora: Greek for "God's gift". variant of theodora.
Giancarlo: Italian for "God's gracious gift."
Giovanna: Italian for "gracious gift from God."
Godiva: English for "gift from God."
Hans: German for "gift from God."
Ian: Scottish for "gift from God."
Isadora: Greek for "gift of Isis."
Isidore: Greek for "gift from Isis."
Iva: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Ivan: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Ivana: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Jana: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Jane: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Janet: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Janice: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Joan: French for "God's gift."
Joanna: French for "God's gift."
Jonah: Hebrew for "Jehovah's gift."
Jonas: Hebrew for "Jehovah's gift."
Jonathan: Hebrew for "gift of God."
Juan: Spanish for "gracious gift from God."
Juanita: Spanish for "God's gift."

Kedrick: English for "God's gift."
Liora: Hebrew for "God's gift of light."
Mataniah: Hebrew for "God's gift".
Matea: Hebrew for "God's gift."
Mateo: Spanish for "God's gift."
Mathias: Welsh for "gift of God."
Mattea: Hebrew for "gift of God". feminine of matthew.
Matthew: Hebrew for "gift of the lord."
Matthias: Hebrew for "gift of God". Biblical Greek form of Mattathia.
Mayhew: French for "gift of God". Variant of Matthew.
Micah: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Michaela: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Michelle: French for "gift from God."
Miles: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Mitchell: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Nathan: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Nathania: Hebrew for "God's gift."
Nathaniel: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Pheodora: Russian for "God's gift". feminine of theodore.
Sean: Irish for "gift from God."
Shane: Irish for "gift from God."
Shauna: Irish for "gift from God."
Shiloh: Hebrew for "God's gift."
Sioned: Welsh for "God's gift."
Teodora: Greek for "God's gift". variant of theodora.
Thaddeus: Aramanic for "God's gift".
Theodora: Greek for "God's gift". feminine of theodore.
Theodore: Greek for "God's gift".
Theodosia: Greek for "God's gift".
Vanna: Hebrew for "God's gift."
Yanis: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Zane: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Zanetta: Spanish for "God's gift."
Zebedee: Hebrew for "gift of Jehovah". Variant of Zebediah.
Zebediah: Hebrew for "gift from God."

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