76 French Girl Dog Names With Great Meanings

France is a country of dogs, and there are lots of dog breeds originating in France, for instance French Bulldog, Poodle, Basset Hound, Dogue de Bordeaux, and Papillon. French dogs deserve French names, and here comes our selection of 76 unique French girl dog names with great meanings. If you are looking for some French dog names for your female puppies, look no more than this list.

Aimee: Dearly loved.
Alair: Cheerful.
Allete: Winged.
Amarante: Flower that never fades.
Ambre: Amber.
Annette: Gracious.
Aubina: Blond.
Belda: Beautiful.
Belle: Beautiful.
Bernyce: One who brings victory.

Bette: God is my oath.
Blanch: White.
Blondell: Fair haired or blonde.
Brigitte: Strong.
Carol: Song of joy.
Caroline: Little and womanly.
Cerise: Cherry or cherry red.
Chante: Song.
Charee: Darling.
Charlotte: Little and womanly.
Claire: Bright or clear.
Coletta: Victory of the people.
Denise: God of wine.
Dior: Golden.
Elaine: Light.
Eloise: Famous in war.
Esme: Emerald.
Estelle: Star.
Evon: Archer.
Fae: Trust or belief.
Faun: A young dear.
Faye: Fairy.
Fayette: Little fairy.
Fayme: Famed.
Fealty: Faithful.
Fifi: God will add.
Fleur: Flower.
Floressa: Blooming or flowering.
Floretta: Blooming or flowering.
Geneva: Juniper.
Helene: Light.
Heloise: Famous warrior.
Ivonne: Young archer.
Jacqueline: Supplanter.
Joie: Rejoicing.
Jolie: Pretty.
Juliet: Downy bearded or youthful.
Kamille: Free born or noble.
Katriane: Pure.
Lacene: Cheerful.
Lela: Faithful.

Leonie: Brave as a lion.
Lucie: Bringer of light.
Mai: May.
Margo: Pearl.
Marvel: Miracle.
Mavis: Joy.
Moniqua: Wise.
Moreen: Dark skinned.
Nichole: Victory of the people.
Noel: Christmas.
Odette: Wealthy.
Odila: Wealthy.
Orlena: Gold.
Orva: Worth gold.
Pansy: Thoughtful.
Raison: Thinker.
Rene: Reborn.
Riva: From the shore.
Solaine: Dignified.
Sydney: Wide meadow.
Tallis: Woodland.
Valere: To be strong.
Vivien: Full of life, lively or alive.
Ynes: Chaste.
Yolanda: Violet.

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