Top 40 Most Popular Dachshund Names For Your Wieners

The dachshund has unique appearance, it is a short-legged, long-bodied, hound-type dog breed. When coming up to wiener dog names, you have to choose a name based around these characteristics. Here comes our selection of top 40 most popular Dachshund dog names, they are suitable for your male or female Wieners.

Beau: French for "handsome; admirer; sweetheart". Use as a given name is probably due to the character of Beau Wilks in Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the Wind".

Betsy: Short form of Elizabeth, from Hebrew, meaning "God's promise."
Briley: Briar wood.
Bruno: German for brown. Also Expertly shade-grown coffee on premiere plantations in the high-altitude regions of Antigua Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.
Cody: Irish for helper.
Cooper: Barrel maker.
Daisy: Day's eye, also a flower with a yellow disk and white rays. Often used as a nickname for Margaret. Henry James named the typical American girl in Europe as Daisy Miller in his story.
Dolce: Sweet dessert.
Doxie: Good reputation; comfort.
Dyson: Son Of Denise.
Ellie: Pet form of many girls' names including Elaine, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Ella, Ellen and Eloise.
Ernie: Earnest, serious.
Frankie: Frenchman. Made famous by the name of the heroine of "The Ballad of Frankie and Johnny".
Gabriel: The archangel Gabriel, one of the seven archangels.
Gingerbread: A sweet food-product flavored with ginger and typically using honey or molasses rather than sugar.
Heidi: Exalted nature. The name of a girl of the Swiss Alps in the children's novel "Heidi".
Herman: Man in the army.
Hermes: A Greek god associated with speed and good luck, who served as a messenger to Zeus and the other gods. Also a French high fashion luxury brand.
Lillie: Lily, the pure flower.
Lola: Lola is a hot starbaby name, and the meaning of Lola is "lady of sorrows." The word lola is the word for "grandmother" in the Filipino language Tagalog.

Lucy: Latin for Light. Also a bossy little girl in Charles Schulz's popular "Peanuts" comic strip.
Oscar: Friend of the deer.
Otto: German for Wealth. Common in English-speaking countries until Otto von Bismarck's German armies became threateningly powerful in the early 20th century.
Penny: A coin used in several English-speaking countries.
Pinkie: Girl name that means pink.
Punkin: Nickname or petname for boyfriend or girlfriend.
Riley: Rye clearing.
Ruby: Ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone, and it is considered one of the four precious stones, together with the sapphire, the emerald and the diamond. The name Ruby comes from ruber, Latin for red.
Sandy: Greek for Defending Men. Also a shade of brown.
Sarah: Princess. In the bible Sarah was exceptionally beautiful even into her older years.
Sasha: Defending men.
Schneider: German name means tailor.
Schnitzel: A thin slice of veal or other light meat, coated in breadcrumbs and fried.
Teddi: Abbreviation of Theodora. God given.
Togo: A nation on West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea. Also a chain of sandwich fast food restaurants.
Tootsie: A girl or young woman.
Vera: Russian for Faith, or Albanian for Summer. A breezy name for girls.
Vikki: Latin name that means "victory; triumphant."
Vinny: Conquering.
Wiggles: To move or go with short, quick, irregular movements from side to side. The Wiggles are an Australian children's music group formed in Sydney, New South Wales, in 1991.

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