46 Unique Dog Names Inspired By Stars

In the clear night sky, you will see countless shining stars, and they are so beautiful. While you are observing the night sky, you may get several inspirations for dog names. Here comes a list of 46 unique dog names that are inspired by stars and constellations, and they make good names for your boy or girl puppies. Some of these names are star names, and some of them have the meaning of star in various origins and cultures.

Alcyone: The brightest star in the Pleiades constellation.

Andromeda: She was rescued by Perseus in myth, and later gave her name to a constellation.
Aquila: A strong name refers to a constellation identified by Ptolemy.
Aster: Greek female name meaning "star."
Astera: Persian female name meaning "star."
Astra: Greek female name meaning "star."
Carina: The keel of Jason’s ship, the one he sailed in pursuit of the Golden Fleece.
Cassiopeia: Andromeda’s mom, the one whose arrogant bragging incurred the wrath of Poseidon.
Citlali: Aztec female name meaning "star."
Danica: Slavonic female name meaning "morning star."
Danika: Slavonic female name meaning "morning star."
Esta: Persian female name meaning "star."
Estella: Latin unisex name meaning "star."
Estelle: Latin female name meaning "star."
Ester: Persian female name meaning "star."
Esther: Persian female name meaning "star."
Estrella: Spanish female name meaning "star."
Etoile: French female name meaning "star."
Hesper: Greek female name meaning "evening star."
Hester: Persian female name meaning "star."
Hoshi: Japanese male name meaning "star."
Hoshiko: English female name meaning "star child."
Kahoku: Hawaiian male name meaning "the star."

Kochava: Hebrew female name meaning "star."
Lyra: A lyre-shaped constellation.
Maia: Borrowed from another star in the Pleiades.
Meissa: A bright star in the constellation Orion, and the name means "shining one."
Roxana: Persian female name meaning "star."
Roxanna: Persian female name meaning "star."
Roxanne: Persian female name meaning "star."
Roxie: Persian unisex name meaning "star."
Roxy: Persian female name meaning "star."
Sidra: Latin female name meaning "starlike."
Sitara: She means star in Hindi.
Spica: Latin female name meaning "name of a star."
star: Latin female name meaning "star."
starla: Latin unisex name meaning "star."
starr: Latin female name meaning "star."
Stella: Latin female name meaning "star."
Sterling: English male name meaning "little star."
Swati: Indian female name meaning "a star."
Talitha: There are two Talithas in the night sky, a Southern and a Northern, born in the constellation Ursa Major.
Tyreek: English male name meaning "star."
Tyrik: English male name meaning "star."
Vaela: Carina is the keel of Jason’s ship, and Vaela is the sail.
Vega: The star comes from a separate Arabic phrase referring to a falling eagle.

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