Pronunciation: [Sa-rah]

Gender: Female

Meaning: Princess

Origin: Hebrew

Princess. In the bible Sarah was exceptionally beautiful even into her older years.

Variant Forms

SariMy princessFemaleHebrew
SarikaVocaliste, birdFemaleIndian
ShariThe plainsFemaleHebrew
SorchaBrightness, lightFemaleGaelic
ZaritaBlooming FlowerFemaleSpanish

Famous People Named Sarah

Sarah McLachlan is a Canadian singer, musician and a songwriter.

Sarah Jane Brown is a businesswoman, philanthropist, author and the wife of former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Sarah Brightman is a popular British actress, classical crossover soprano, dancer and a songwriter.

Sarah Bernhardt was one of the most excellent actors of the 19th century France.

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