98 Musical Dog Names From Popular Songs

Each song is telling a story, so there are lots of stories and names in countless popular songs. Here comes a list of 98 musical dog names inspired by popular songs titles. Of course you could get your own idea from your favorite songs, that will have the special meanings to both you and your beloved puppies.

Male Song Names

Al: You Can Call Me Al.

Angus: Dream Angus.
Ben: Ben.
Bennie: Bennie and the Jets.
Billy: Billy.
Brian: Brian's Song.
Bobbie: Me and Bobbie McGee.
Daniel: Daniel.
Davey: Who Killed Davey Moore.
Denis: Denis.
Earl: Goodbye Earl.
Eli: Eli's Coming.
Fernando: Fernando.
Floyd: Floyd the Barber.
Freddie: Freddie's Dead.
Hiro: Hiro's Song.
Jack: Black Jack.
Jeremy: Jeremy.
Jessie: Dear Jessie.
Joe: Hey Joe.
Jude: Hey Jude.
Kevin: Cousin Kevin.
Lenny: Lenny.
Leroy: Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.
Mark: Mark on the Bus.
Maxwell: Maxwell's Silver Hammer.
Mickey: Mickey.
Oliver: Oliver's Army.
Paul: Paul Revere.
Peter: In Search of Peter Pan.
Robert: Doctor Robert.
Roland: Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner.
Sebastian: Sebastian.
Stevie: Stevie Ray Blues.
Stuart: Stuart and the Ave.
Teddy: Teddy Boy.
Tom: Tom's Diner.
Tyrone: Tyrone.
Quinn: Quinn the Eskimo.
Zak: Zak and Sara.

Female Song Names

Alison: Alison.

Amanda: Amanda.
Angeline: Farewell Angeline.
Angie: Angie.
Ann: Barbara Ann.
Barbara: Barbara.
Billie Jean: Billie Jean.
Caroline: Sweet Caroline.
Cecilia: Cecilia Simon and Garfunkel
Clementine: Clementine.
Corrina: Corrina, Corrina.
Delilah: Hey There Delilah.
Donna: Donna.
Eleanor: Eleanor Rigby.
Emily: For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her.
Georgia: Georgia Lee.
Iris: Iris.
Isobel: Isobel.
Jacqueline: Jacqueline.
Jane: Lady Jane.
Jenny: Jenny From the Block.
Joanna: Visions of Joanna.
Jolene: Jolene.
Judy: Judy Blue Eyes.
Julia: Julia.
Layla: Layla.
Lola: Lola.
Lucy: Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.
Luka: Luka.
Marie: Absolutely Sweet Marie.
Martha: Martha My Dear.
Mary: Proud Mary.
Michelle: Michelle.
Natalie: Believe Me, Natalie.
Natasha: Natasha.
Peggy Sue: Peggy Sue.
Penelope: Penelope.
Polly: Polly.
Prudence: Dear Prudence.
Ramona: To Ramona.
Rhiannon: Rhiannon.
Rhonda: Help Me Rhonda.
Rita: Lovely Rita.
Rosalie: Rosalie Come and Go.
Roxanne: Roxanne.
Ruby: Ruby Tuesday.
Sally: Mustang Sally.
Sarah: Sarah.
Sharona: My Sharona.
Stella: Stella Blue.
Susie: Wake Up Little Susie.
Suzanne: Suzanne.
Suzie: Suzie Q.
Sunny: Sunny Came Home.
Veronica: Veronica.
Virginia: Sweet Virginia.
Zoe: Zoe.

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