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CarlyleFrom CarlisleMaleEnglish
ChanceGood fortuneMaleEnglish
CharlieFree manUnisexGermanic
CharlotteFree manFemaleGermanic
CheckersArabic Shining Light, High Mountain, MessengerUnisexHebrew
ChichaA Kiswahili Word Meaning "Grated Coconut."UnisexEnglish
ChopperSlang for helicopter. One who chops or cuts.UnisexEnglish
CliffordCliff fordMaleEnglish
CujoArabic Shining Light, High Mountain, MessengerUnisexHebrew
DeweyPlace-Name And Surname: Welsh Form Of David.MaleEnglish
DieselArabic Shining Light, High Mountain, MessengerUnisexHebrew
DigbyDyke farm, dyke settlementMaleEnglish
DixieStrong powerMaleEnglish
DogDomesticated carnivorous mammal. Dogs exhibit enormous genetic variety with over 2 different breed types. Man's best friend.UnisexEnglish
DuchessFrom the AristoCatsUnisexEnglish
DutchessArabic Shining Light, High Mountain, MessengerUnisexHebrew
EddieWealth protectorMaleEnglish
EdisonEdward’s sonMaleEnglish
EdwardWealth protectorMaleEnglish
EinsteinArabic Shining Light, High Mountain, MessengerUnisexHebrew
FlitArabic Shining Light, High Mountain, MessengerUnisexHebrew
FluffyCovered with fluff, Soft, light and airy.FemaleEnglish

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