Gender: Unisex

Meaning: Domesticated carnivorous mammal. Dogs exhibit enormous genetic variety with over 2 different breed types. Man's best friend.

Origin: English

Famous Dogs Named Dog

Zimbo the dog: Played Homo the Wolf in the 1928 American silent film The Man Who Laughs directed by the German Expressionist filmmaker Paul Leni.

Zeke the Wonder Dog: A Labrador Retriever, serves as a mascot for Michigan State University.

Woofer Dog Whitten: Mascot of the Western Bulldogs.

Wonder Dog: Yellow Labrador Retriever starred in Superfreinds a TV series

Wonder Dog: A dog who must rescue his home planet from invading forces in the game Wonder Dog.

Underdog: An anthropomorphic superhero in the animation Underdog.

Top Gear Dog: A dog owned by Richard Hammond who occasionally appears on Top Gear.

The Dog: German Shepherd Dog from the film Where the North Begins, a wild wolf-dog is domesticated and becomes a hero.

Spot the Dog: Cokers Spaniel dog from the children’s book series and an animated series with the same name, popular in UK.

Slinky Dog: One of Andy's toys in the animation Toy Story series.

Slinkster Dog: A dog from the book Weetzie Bat.

Sergeant Kemlo "Hyperdog" Caesar: Doberman dog from the comic strip Top 10.

Sam Sheepdog: A large, burly Berger the Brie dog with white or tan fur and mop of red hair that usually covers his eyes in the animation Don't Give Up the Sheep. He very rarely runs and tends to be sedentary in his movements.

Rude Dog: The title character of the animated series Rude Dog and the Dweebs. Originally featured in the Sun Sportswear ads in the 1980s.

Rowlf the dog: The puppet dog in the puppet TV show The Muppet Show, both created and voiced by Jim Henson.

Red Dog: A kelpie–cattle-dog cross who travelled around the Pilbara region of Western Australia from 1975.

Pearl the Wonder Dog: Pointer dog from the book Spenser.

Loyal Heart Dog: One of the Care Bear Cousins in the animation Care Bears. He has blue fur with a white heart-shaped patch over one eye, and his tummy symbol is a red heart-shaped medal.

Lou dog: A Dalmatian, Bradley Nowell's (Sublime's vocalist and guitarist) dog, often featured on the band's CD art.

Little Dog: From the comic strip Little Dog Lost, this character has been entertaining readers since 2007.

Ladadog: Bearded Collie, part of the TV series Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.

Know-Nothing Bo the Non-Wonder Dog: A dog belonging to advertiser Will Smithers in the book So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

Jack the Bulldog: Mascot of the Georgetown Hoyas.

Jack Bull Dog: The first dog in the the book Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Hotdog: Jughead’s pet in the comic strip Archie since the 1940s.

Horrie the Wog Dog: Found in Egypt by Australian Forces in 1942 during World War II, saved the lives of many Australian soldiers.

Hector the Bulldog: A muscle-bound bulldog with gray fur and walks pigeon-toed in the animation Peck Up Your Troubles.

Hacker T. Dog: Border Terrier dog from CBBC who is a CBBC presenter.

Dogtanian: Part of the Spanish TV series Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds.

Dogpool: Original member of the Deadpool Corps.

Dogmatix: Faithful companion to Obelix in the comic strip Asterix. Called Idefix in the original French Asterix comic books.

Doggie Daddy: Part of the Hanna Barbera show The Quick Draw McGraw Show.

Doggie: The Souphanousinphones' family dog in the animation King of the Hill.

Dogfather: Part of the animated movie shorts The Dogfather. Here the voice was dubbed by Bob Holt.

Dogbert: Dilbert's evil genius dog in the animation Dilbert.

Dog: Border collie dog from the comic strip Footrot Flats.

Dog: Columbo's Basset Hound dog from Columbo.

Dodge T. Dog: Dog from CBBC who is a presenter.

Disreputable Dog: A dog from the book Lirael and Abhorsen.

Charlie the Wonder Dog: Star of the sketch of the same name in a parody of other fictitious animal shows such as Lassie.

Charlie Dog: A dog from the animation Little Orphan Airedale, and he often pesters Porky Pig to be his owner. One of the most famous cartoon characters, half Collie, half Airedale, half Pekingese and half St. Bernard.

Brown Dog: Killed after vivisection in February 1903. A memorial statue provoked riots.

Bowser von Uberdog: Primary antagonist Bulldog in the comic strip The Ongoing Adventures of Rocket Llama.

Bobbie the Wonder Dog: After accidental abandonment on a cross-country trip, Bobbie made his way back over 2,551 miles (4,105 km) to his family's home.

Bob the Railway Dog: A loyal traveller and drivers’ companion on the South Australian Railways in the late 19th century.

Bob the Dog: Puppet from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, played by Bob Trow.

Beauregard the Wonder Dog: Appeared regularly though unspectacularly on Hee Haw.

Augie Doggie: Dachshund Hanna-Barbera cartoon character; son of “Doggy Daddy,” Augie’s father; starred in The Quick Draw McGraw Show .

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