Pronunciation: [Earl]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Nobleman

Origin: English

Variant Forms

EarlyEarly, Before Due TimeFemaleEnglish
ErrolUncertain, possibly wanderingMaleLatin
RolloFamous wolfMaleEnglish

Famous Dogs Named Earl

Pearl the Wonder Dog: Pointer dog from the book Spenser.

Fearless: Pet dog of Dr. Jim Hansen in Providence, a warm-hearted veterinarian who runs a clinic in his basement.

Earl: Jack Russell terrier dog from the comic strip Mutts.

Famous People Named Earl

Warren Earl Burger was the 15th Chief Justice of the United States.

Steve Earle is a Grammy award winning singer-songwriter, whose albums have a mix of folk, country and rock music.

Pearl Buck was a Nobel Prize winning American writer best known for her novel ‘The Good Earth.

James Earl Jones is a versatile actor who over a career spanning more than half a century has won many prestigious awards for his acting skills.

Earl Warren was an American politician and jurist - served as the Chief Justice of United States and Governor of California - one of the only two people to ever be elected as the Governor of California three times.

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