25 Famous Chihuahua Dog Names Inspired By TV Series and Movies

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog, and they are noted for their distinct looks and unique personalities. When coming up to Chihuahua dog names, you could name your male or female Chihuahua after one of those famous Chihuahua celebrities. Here comes some of the most notable Chihuahuas in the novels, cartoons, TV series and movies.

Angel: The actor who played Chloe, co-star of the film Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Bruiser: Elle Woods' companion in the Legally Blonde movies.
Chip: Sonic's aide in Sonic Unleashed.
Chloe: Co-star of the film Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
Coco: Featured in the television series Dog Whisperer and owned by Cesar Millan.
Dinky: The first Taco Bell Chihuahua.
Ducky: The world's smallest dog by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007.
Enrique: Hector Con Carne's pet Chihuahua from Evil Con Carne.
Geraldo: Max Shreck's Chihuahua in the blockbuster movie Batman Returns.
Gidget: The second Taco Bell Chihuahua and the actress who played Bruiser's mom in Legally Blonde 2.
Lilly: Megan Hauserman's dog from I Love Money.
Lou: A Chihuahua from the TV series The Soup.
Madame shirley: An old-fortune teller Chihuahua featured in a TV Show Cartoon.
Mammoth mutt: A Chihuahua with the ability to inflate her body into a ball in the TV series called Krypto.

Mojo: Samuel Witwicky's Chihuahua from Transformers.
Moonie: The actor who played Bruiser, Elle Woods' companion in the Legally Blonde movies.
Pancho: The Chihuahua star in the Martin Lawrence's movie Big Mama's House 2.
Papi: The other co-star of Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
Pepito: Xavier Cugat's Chihuahua in the children's book Pepito the Little Dancing Dog.
Ren hoek: A weird asthmatic Chihuahua from the strange animated series Ren and Stimpy.
Rusco: The actor who played Papi, the other co-star of Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
Spooky: The Chihuahua from Invader Zim.
Taco bell: The Chihuahua from Taco Bell in September of 1997.
Tito: The Chihuahua in the Walt Disney Feature Animation, Oliver and Company.
Wheely willy: The popular paraplegic Chihuahua in the two children's books.

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